Other Mags Passed On Britney & Kevin’s Interview Spread

The New York Post reports that the photos in the new issue of Interview magazine of in a French maid’s outfit and hubby Kevin Federline with slicked-back hair in a tuxedo doting on each other, were offered to and declined by Blender, Elle and Glamour. The couple’s pal Michelle Kole snapped the pictures, which are featured in a Q&A by Interview editrix Ingrid Sischy.

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7 thoughts on “Other Mags Passed On Britney & Kevin’s Interview Spread

  1. Clara106 says:

    of course no one else will want those pics or an interview with them. they have nothing to talk about. its not like Britney is releasing an album, or movie or anything else. we all know that kevin isn’t doing anything. Britney can only do so many interviews and photo spreads to advertise her marriage and impending child. okay, we get it. you’re married, that’s not a big deal. those others mags are smart enough to know that they will sell better with someone who is actually doing something with their career and has something to talk about other then “im married”.

  2. shunny says:

    they are always reporting on something that is irrelevant so why stop now?last week the new york post had a story about Britney underwear shopping.i’m not interested in her and nobody else’s underwear or futhermore what they do in their personal lives but that’s just me.

  3. Michelle13105 says:

    maybe someone should point out to brit that getting married and having a baby isn’t..’, ‘something that is magazine worthy. people do it everyday. but I guess because she’s Britney we’re supposed to care.

  4. ajbswimmer08 says:

    Ohh sweet niaeve people! The New York post is a tabliod! THey also printed a front page story of her drinking a bottle of gensing sayN it was alcohole! And the INTERVIEW magazine camera crew shot the pictures! High end magazines don’t buy their photos and a coverstory, THEY conduct them their selves! And ELLE has Britney as their october cover girl so I doubt that she is having trouble getting on magazines! ANd BRITNEYS ALLURE COVER WAS THE HIGHEST SELLING FASHION MAGAZINE SINCE JANUARY 2005! SHE BEST OUT JESSICA, PARIS, NICOLE KIDMAN, even freakN Oprah

  5. Starlet01 says:

    Those pictures were terrible, why put them on the cover of Blender, Elle or Glamour magazine. I rather someone who’s stylish & classy to be on the cover of Glamour or Elle magazine. Britney’s current style is not worth displaying on the cover of a prestige magazine cover. And if the photo shoot was about “artistic statement” then who cares if it makes it on the cover of a magazine.

    It’s sad to know that it took Shar’s outburst to get Britney & Kevin to do the right thing concerning Kaleb’s brithday & Kori’s friend. (Honesntly, I thought it was Kori’s birthday but, whatever.) Why could Kevin just call is son & at least say happy birthday? It’s not the difficult to do!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    LOL….so she should have been happy that she even got in a magazine at all and not *****ed that she wasn’t on the cover……too funny!

  7. fandango says:

    I’ll agree in general that tabloids take pot-shots at EVERY celeb and make educated guesses that get dumb people to buy their magazines. But there is quite a bit that WAS correct, and I think they have been on the mark in many cases. I recall when they first reported Kevin, and every fan of hers swore that it was all made up, and they were only friends. Guess what – the tabloids were right. I go by what ends up being true and what is believable. IMO – Chaotic did far more damage than any tabloid could possibly do since it pointed out some of the things suspected but denied(like her not wanting to finish the tour). How do you know that Kevin wasn’t ready to bail on her? They admitted that they had a huge fight and problems at the beginning of their marriage. She did have an eating problem well before getting married – she herself admitted it. Her wedding WAS suspect since it seemed like she had 2 weddings planned. One to fool the press, and a real one. She even eluded to it. And do you really think the actual prenup was the one her PR (note the word) sent in? It’s no one’s business anyway – but Kevin will get his money – invalid and weak prenup or not. I certainly don’t buy any tabloids…but the stories they run certainly have grains of truth in them. I don’t take them verbatim, but many times – they ring true. And it’s odd how when there is a positive story in the tabloids about Britney – obsessed fans instantly believe it. You have to sort out the obvious lies from the believable. Britney is a bigger liar than ANY tabloid could ever be. How about attacking and tracking HER lies for a change?

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