“Overprivileged” John Mayer’s Malaria No More PSA

John Mayer talks about dealing with mosquitoes and B.J. Novak team up in a public service announcement to fight to make Malaria No More.

“I’m such an over-privileged prick,” the singer songwriter says in the video, “that I get two mosquitoes in my apartment because I left the window open, and these mosquitoes are driving me crazy. Do you ever have mosquitoes that you can’t find in your house? That’s one fu**ing mosquitoes, and then you spend the rest of your day complaining to your friends over $6 coffee that a mosquito bit you. I couldn’t find the mosquito. That’s one mosquito in your $2 million apartment, John Mayer.”

Watch the PSA below and donate at malarianomore.org.

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