Ozzy Osbourne Refuses To Perform With Sanjaya Malakar

An insider tells The New York Post Ozzy Osbourne was confirmed to perform on last week’s finale of ‘American Idol’, but canceled at the last minute “when he learned he would have to do a duet with Sanjaya [Malakar]. Ozzie said he didn’t want to be onstage with that idiot.” Instead, Joe Perry of Aerosmith was somehow talked into playing guitar as Sanjaya performed ‘You Really Got Me’. Read more.

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2 thoughts on “Ozzy Osbourne Refuses To Perform With Sanjaya Malakar

  1. barbie says:

    Who is this Ozzy Osbourne? Whoever he is,I think he missed doing the gig of a lifetime,but Joe Perry stepped up to the plate instead, and now I know who he is ! Awesome !!

  2. Harve says:

    Ozzy, even with a new hairdo, is old sad news. This guy thinks he is bigger than Sanjaya…are you kidding me? The world has changed and has beens who use the four letter word like it is something new……don’t realize class and ethical behavior is in,and disgusting, Ozzy style is out.

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