Lady Marmalade Gets Best Video From A Film

Moulin Rouge won Best Video from a Film at the Video Music Awards last night and Christina made reference to her often criticized ‘big hair’ in her acceptance speech.

The big hair paid off. Oh, my god, you guys. I wanted one so bad. I guess thanks to Paul Henner for making an incredible video. Trish Somerville for signing the whole video. You did a great job. Who else, who else? Tina landon, the choreographer.

And of course Patty Labelle.

Rock Wilder Missy.

Gone and everybody… at Interscope.

Happy birthday John. Hi, mom. Hi to everybody who thought we’d make good whores. Thank you everybody.

God bless us. This is all, you know,…

Thank you, my girls.

Of course.

We want to thank god, too, you know and all our fans.

And MTV. And y’all.


Hey, momma, wherever you at, hey, momma, where you at?

NSYNC’s Acceptance For Best Pop Video

NSYNC came on stage for the third time in the night to accept the award for Best Pop Video as Nikki Costa and Sheryl Crow presented the award. Joey thanked his Pop stand-in Wade this time.

Full Acceptance Speech Transcript:

I got to thank somebody real quick.

Wade, wade, come here, wade. Wade was actually… he m man.

He should be– i want to thank him actually. He helped me out because when my leg was messed up, he was there in the video. So if you saw bits and pieces, it was him and it was me.

You’re right. We are going to thank god first off. The man.

We’re going to thank MTV and we’re going to thank our fans.


And everyone we thanked before, we love you so much. We’ll keep it short.

Thanks a lot, guys.

Thank you very much. ( Cheers and applause )

NSYNC’s Acceptance For Best Group Video

September 7, 2001 – *NSYNC won the Best Group Video Award for Pop where Tenacious D. presented the surprised band again with the award. Justin said U2 should have won.

Dirty pop

Okay. Okay. So U2 was robbed this time. Wow. Both friggin’ awards, you can’t even say because we didn’t expect it at all. We can’t thank our management enough, and our tour support everybody from Anthony to Dave.

We have a cheat sheet.

We’re very bad at this so we want to make sure we have everybody Johnny Wright, Dave Brown, all of our bodyguards. We love you. Janet, Soniah, Steve, Wayne Grisham, Wayne Robson, MTV, all the fans, we love you.

Thank you.

Our crew, our stage manager, we thank Michael for coming out on stage with us. That was huge. He just made five fans so happy.

And we also want to thank all the groups out there. We know how hard it is y’all worked. We love you. Peace.

All the nominees, we love you. We have nothing but love for y’all.

NSYNC’s Acceptance For Best Dance Video

Unfortunately the transcript doesn’t indicate who said what, but Justin talked most of the time when Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, and Dream presented them the award.

Thank you.

I think we had no idea we were going to win this.

I think Fatboy Slim was robbed, honestly.

We want to thank Wayne for making a great video and most of all thank our lord up above. The privilege every day we have on this planet.

Man, this is kind of shocking. Our families, Johnny, who is like a second father to us.

Clive. The record company, Barry, our moms, our dads, our families. I think, like they said before, I think it’s really important to celebrate the gift of life. All right. Let’s celebrate the gift of life wade played a big part in this video. Thank you, wade.

I love you.

See y’all later.

Bye y’all.

NSYNC Cancels VMA Afterparty

September 6, 2001 – The New York Daily News reports *NSYNC has cancelled their plans for a Video Music Award after party at the China Club in New York tonight after the tragic death of Aaliyah on August 25. In addition, a source told MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls Lance Bass’ reasoning for not attending any afterparty saying, “MTV is going to have a tribute to Aaliyah. Lance thinks it’s in bad taste to go whooping it up after that.” Bass does plan on attending pre-VMA parties though according to Walls.

NSYNC Plunges Further, Drops To #15 In Charts

September 4, 2001 – R&B Dominated album sales this week as 5 of the top 6 albums were from R&B acts, with Slipknot’s Iowa the only non-R&B act. Aaliyah’s tragic death helped catapult her album sales 800% for the week to land at #1, barely edging Mary J. Blige’s new album, No More Drama.

NSYNC saw further sales erosion as Celebrity sales dropped another 26% for the week with the group clearing 94,208 albums.

NSYNC Hotline Game Due Out November 1

September 4, 2001 – A PC game featuring NSYNC will hit stores November 1. The game is officially licensed by the band and features their own voices and never seen footage of the guys.

Included in the CD:
Five fun games include Quick Change, Bowling, Make-a-Move, Trivia and Charity Challenge
Exclusive video and voice clips of the band
Two modes of play for expanded gameplay
Create and email customized N-Sync greeting cards

All Star Lineup Set To Raise Funds For AIDS

A jam packed lineup of top pop stars will collaborate for a remake of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On,” to raise funds for AIDS victims in Africa.

Included on the lineup which was brought together by Bono of U2 will be Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani and Ja Rule.

The singers will record their vocals separately at a Manhattan Studio and the single will be released soon, organizers say.

NY Daily News Source: Mariah In UCLA Medical Center Psych Wing

The New York Daily News’ cover story this morning was Mariah Carey’s relapse and sources telling them the singer has been admitted to the large psychiatric wing of the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood.

Carey had been spending the weekend at the exclusive Bacara resort in Santa Barbara.

A source revealed to the Daily News Mariah “May have tried to go back to work too soon. She had been meeting with executives at Virgin Records, and apparently she simply wasn’t ready for that.”

The Sun: Britney Was “In Floods Of Tears” After HBO Threat

The Sun reports Britney was “in floods of tears” following word that she’d have to back out of her scheduled duet with Michael Jackson as lawyers for HBO threatened to sue Spears for millions if she made the appearance.

Michael also was very upset as an insider told the Sun, “He just wept into his phone. He was inconsolable.”

Also hurting Britney was the fact that boyfriend Justin Timberlake would appear with Jackson that night while she wouldn’t.

A pal told Dominic, “She so wanted to perform on stage with Michael but now the men in suits have said she can’t.”

More Mariah Mystery…. Where Is She?

Additional details, or lack thereof, from Cindy from the New York Post as they report the rep saying, “She is resting in an undisclosed location.” When pressed where that could be she said, “She could be in a hotel, on a boat, anywhere. She just needed some time to rest.”

Britney Drops Michael Jackson Gig, HBO Contract Cited

The New York Post reports Britney Spears has been forced to drop out of her planned Michael Jackson performance at the last minute citing HBOs requirement that she cannot appear on any other televised performance within a month of her “Britney Spears Live from the MGM Grand Las Vegas,” special which airs Nov. 18 on HBO.

Spears’ rep Ame Van Iden told the Post, “Britney did have to pull out – and she’s really upset about it.”

Britney originally thought the Jackson special would air before October 18th, but while no date has been set, it appears unlikely that date would be met according to a CBS spokesperson.

Michael Jackson Gets Lost On The Way To NASDAQ

August 31, 2001 – The New York Post is reporting Michael almost didn’t get to the NASDAQ market site to open trading on Thursday as he got lost in the adjoining Conde Nast building.

A witness told the Post, “He got lost and ended up in the messenger center, and then all these people started screaming, ‘It’s Michael Jackson!'”

After a crowd developed around him, Jackson reportedly took out an umbrella and threw it over a security camera and ran away “like a scared little bunny.”

Michael Jackson Opens Trading, Video Budget Balloons

August 30, 2001 – The New York Daily News is reporting Michael’s budget to film Thriller is running over $4 million according to a music insider, where he says the original budget was half of that figure.

Jackson also opened trading on the NASDAQ this morning, but it was no help to the battered market as the tech index is retesting its multi-year low.

The Daily News also reports Michael’s original pick to star in his video, Robert DeNiro, had no interest in the project as an insider revealed, “I don’t think he gave it a lot of thought.”

No doubt Brando’s appearance ballooned the budget as he usually commands multi-millions for any appearance on film.

Immediate Reaction To Spears’ Single – Boring/Mixed

Following the leak of Britney’s I’m A Slave For You, many appear to be disappointed with the song… though some like the direction Britney is heading. On the message board, grandaddy says, “It’s… boring? Honestly i can see why Oops was so popular, because it was so catchy, but this?”

HotStuff113 adds, “hmm i don’t like is boring. i expected better.”

On the LiveDaily board Britina states, I’m disappointed. I don’t like this song at all. Her vocals are really bad…she doesn’t sound “mature””

Some appear to like the track though and do think the song is catchy, as PopFan states, “I like it BECAUSE it’s not catchy and typical POP fare. It’s nothing like OOPS or BABY which is a good thing you guys, it means she’s improving and progessing as an ARTIST.”

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