Britney Mum On Justin Sex Details

Britney Spears tells YM that her and Justin’s parents didn’t know the two were living together until after the fact. Britney also refused to go into details on the couple’s sex life to the magazine saying, “It’s personal. The press will ask me things like how far I’ve gone or what’s the worst thing I’ve done sexually. I’m not going to go there.”

Carson Daly Suing Motorola

Carson Daly Thursday filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit accusing Motorola of breaking a promise to renew a contract with the host of Total Request Live because of troubles in the economy.

Daly’s suit says Motorola was “motivated by declining earnings and the effect of the same on its advertising budget, reneged on its agreement.”

Julie Cordua, a spokeswoman for Motorola, denied the claims of the suit saying, “We did not feel that bringing Carson on board would be the right decision for Motorola. A contract between Carson Daly and Motorola did not exist.”

More Britney & Justin Wedding Talk

Peoplenews is reporting Britney’s reps aren’t sure whether reports her and Justin are engaged as the British rep admitted, “As far as we are aware, these stories are not true. Britney has always said in interviews that she is too young to get married. She and Justin have bought each other matching Cartier rings, but that doesn’t mean they are engaged.” The American rep said in a ‘sounding guilty’ huff, “I have no comment at this time, I have no comment at this time!”

Christina Aguilera To Co-Host Latin Grammys With Jimmy Smits

Cristina’s spokesperson has confirmed that Christina will co-host the Second Annual Latin Grammy Awards with Jimmy Smits. In addition to co-hosting, Christina is nominated for – Record of The Year (‘Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti’) and Best Female Pop Vocal Album (‘Mi Reflejo’).

The show will be held on Tuesday, September 11 in Los Angeles, CA at the Great Western Forum.

The event will air on CBS live from 9-11 PM Eastern.

Madonna To Bush Twins, No Special Treatment At Vegas Gig

The Las Vegas Review Journal’s Norme Clark reports Madonna has told her inner circle that the Bush twins are not to be allowed any VIP treatment or backstage access to her concert in Las Vegas Sunday.

Apparently Madonna is still bitter over the fact Bush narrowly won the election last year over Al Gore and has clashed with President George W. Bush over his anti-abortion stance.

The Drowned World Tour hits the MGM Grand Garden on Sunday.

Madonna Wows Sold-Out Crowd In Chicago Tuesday

August 29, 2001 – Jim Degrogatis of the Chicago Sun Times reviewed Madonna’s show at the United Center in Chicago last night saying, “At 43, the dance diva and pop princess is as magnetic as ever, aging gracefully, and clearly retaining her provocative crown.”

Degrogatis says the sound was great as well as the lights, videos, and stage sets but he says the show “has been the same every night, with zero spontaneity.”

Jamie Foxx Interviewed Ahead Of VMA Hosting Gig

The New York Daily News interviewed Jamie Foxx ahead of his role as MC for the Video Music Awards on Thursday. Foxx will have to be the funny man while acknowledging the grief people are feeling over the tragic death of Aaliyah.

Janet Jackson Show Too Hot for Her Mum

Contributed by Kat44:

Janet Jackson’s mother has to leave her daughter’s concerts half way through – because the singer’s performances are too racy for her. 71-year-old Katherine Jackson is escorted out of Jackson’s shows every time she sings ‘Would You Mind’. A source says, “The song is always accompanied by Jackson gyrating her groin in the face of a male audience member strapped to a gurney. “Once the song is over, Janet’s mother is brought back to her seat so she can watch the rest of the concert.”

O-Town South Bend Concert Review

Reviewer: Brittney

O-Town, Concert, South Bend, IN 8/4/01

I’ve read so many bad reviews and criticisms about OTOWN, their album, their television show, and their live show… and I’ve yet to understand why. At least the live show part. In my opinion, no one can TOUCH their live show. They pull off the singing and dancing without lipsynching great, and the show’s nonstop, full of energy. There aren’t many special effects such as the ones you find at an *NSYNC or Backstreet show, but their actual raw talent makes up for that. They strum the guitar a few times, Ashley Angel (“the cute one”) accompanies their hit single, “All or Nothing”, with playing the piano, and their harmonies are incredible. I took my 21 year old cousin with me.. a hard core rock fan, and even she was impressed. Mostly by Jacob Underwood (“the rebel”), who is definitely a true rocker at heart.. and that most definitely shines through on stage. However, unlike my cousin, not everyone not impressed with boybands will enjoy the show.. but I do think a great majority will. If you go with an open mind, and open eyes.. there’s no doubt you’ll see where I’m coming from. Even if not your “type”, they get the crowd hyped, and they’re enjoying themselves.. something you don’t always see in artists’ eyes today. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances I missed some of the show, though there the whole time, but what I saw was definitely great, and my two best friends who joined me and didn’t miss a moment thought it was even better. And though it still may not be convincing, this being written from a teen girl’s point of view, it more and likely will automatically be considered bias and lack of taste due to the “teenybopper” stereotype, but .. one of my two friends went to the concert rather skeptical, and came home .. though not the biggest, definitely, a fan. :)

Janet Was Blind For A Month & Opened Eyes To Bad Marriage

The Enquirer is reporting this week that a pair of freak accidents awhile back while she was still married to Rene Elizondo left her with both eyelids swelled up to the size of golf balls leaving her almost completely blind for a month.

The incident left Janet to become aware of the problems in her and Rene’s marriage as a friend revealed, “Janet was literally BLIND and Rene basically ignored her.”

“He was worried about other things while Janet was lying in bed in agonizing pain. That was devastating for Janet. How could he not care about her at all?!”