Aaron Carter Milwaukee Performance Slammed

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Kevin John Bozelka ripped into Aaron Carter’s Wednesday night show for Nickelodeon’s TEENick Presents Aaron’s Party at the Marcus Amphitheater.

Aaron’s sister Leslie was scheduled to appear but did not perform, but brother Aaron’s performance was said to not “have enough material to make for a compelling hour-plus of live entertainment. So all sorts of dreary tricks were used to fill in the spaces.”

Bozelka says the show is filled with Silly Putty fights and video testimonials to Carter’s cuteness among other snoozing skits.

The critic admits it’s a pretty harsh review for a 13 year old performer, but says Carter wants to be taken seriously so it basically comes with the territory.

Bozelka felt opening act, the A*Teens were “infinitely superior.”

BSB Greatest Hits Track Listing Revealed

RollingStone.com reports the Backstreet Boys new greatest hits album, titled Chapter 1, will have a different set of tracks in the various countries it will be released in on October 23rd, though all versions will have the Drowning tune included.

The Drowning song is set for a September 17th release and the US/Canada version of the album will include the following tracks:

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)

Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

I Want It That Way

As Long as You Love Me

I’ll Never Break Your Heart

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely

Larger Than Life

Shape of My Heart

More Than That

The Call

The One


Aguilera Founder: ‘She Hasn’t Got What It Takes To Be A Diva’

MTVAsia.com reports Michael Brown, the record producer that ‘adopted’ Christina Aguilera at the age of 13 and recorded her early material is worried Christina will end up in rehab like Mariah if she doesn’t sort her life out.

Brown admits, “She’s lost — she’s from a tiny little place in Wexford where you can buy a brand new house for $40,000, and she hasn’t got what it takes to be a diva.

“She has already been screwed by a lot of people and I hope she rises above it. She’s still a nice, young girl who doesn’t really have a clue.

“I’d just like her to stay straightforward and honest and then the best will come out of it. She has a great family behind her and I hope she never loses sight of them, because they’ll keep her grounded.”

Britney Taps O-Town For Tour

Contributed by adidasgirl2050:

Britney Spears has recruited Making The Band stars O-Town to open for her gigs on the first leg of her tour that begins October 26 in Miami at the AmericanAirlines Arena.

O-Town is continuing the headlining shows at fairs, amphitheatres and a few clubs before the Spears tour.

Michael Jackson Taps Marlon Brando For Video

After Robert DeNiro turned Michael down to star in his newest video for You Rock My World, Jackson turned to Brando, according to The Sun. The video is said to be more of a short film in the same respects as Thriller was, though an insider says it will be even better…

The insider revealed, “This will be a video like no other – with some of the top names in showbiz. Michael wants to come back with a bang and he knows people will expect a great video. It will also show Michael in a new light and should even blow Thriller away.” Video making delays have set the release of the short film to October 8th instead of the original September 3rd release date.

Mariah To Sing Aaliyah Dedication At VMAs?

Unconfirmed reports from melt-away.com and Mariah’s official site message boards indicate that Mariah Carey may perform Never Too Far at the Video Music Awards next month in dedication to the fellow singer and actress killed over the weekend.

Still no confirmation from MTV.com about this rumor but this would mark Mariah’s first televised appearance since her breakdown.

The Buffness Of Music… & Janet Jackson’s muscle tone

The Philadelphia Daily News is running a piece on stars like Janet Jackson buffing up on tour ahead of her performance at the First Union Center tonight. Shape magazine’s Richard Perez-Feria said Janet was, “in the best shape of her life.”

Part of the new look is because of MTV making music more visual, though MTV also has changed what young audiences expect from a rock concert, as they demand dance and choreography.

Rodney Jerkins Talks About You Rock My World… Michael’s Latest

With the song You Rock My World debuting last Friday, fans have gotten there first taste of Michael Jackson in quite awhile and the song’s producer, Rodney Jerkins talked to Reuters about the album.

Jerkins admits of the first track released, “It’s like Michael back to the melodies It makes you want to dance. It’s a feel-good song.” Jerkins talked of Michael’s return to the studio saying, “I’ve never heard Michael sing so incredibly well. It was just something about him being in that studio, but he just went crazy and let go in that studio.”

The new album, Invincible, is slated for release overseas Oct. 29 and in North America on Oct. 30. Jerkins said the $30 production figure for the album “sounds about right” which means big pressure on Sony to come through with a hit with the album.

Atomic Kitten’s Natasha Hamilton Escapes Near Death In LA

The Sun is reporting Natasha Hamilton of Atomic Kitten was nearly killed when a stage light crashed down on her head leaving a nasty cut. Hamilton told the Sun, “It took me completely by surprise. It started falling and we all tried to get out of the way. It drew a lot of blood and still hurts now.”

Natasha also says the group was stalked in Los Angeles by an obsessive fan in her words, “This scary bloke followed us around all the time. It was really creepy.” You can check out photos of the group’s arrival to LA at eZuma.com and watch for the bands video soon on MTV as they try to break into the US market.