Paloma Faith ’30 Minute Love Affair’ Video

Paloma Faith and boyfriend

is out with the music video to her new single ’30 Minute Love Affair’, the second single off the British singer songwriter’s second album ‘Fall to Grace’, out now on RCA Records. The video sees Paloma again teamed up with director Emil Nava.

Setting the scene in behind the scenes footage for the video, Paloma said, “The kind of idea that I wanted was that as we go through the campaign, we sort of see segments of the story which are almost like a film because the album ‘Fall to Grace’ is basically an homage to the cinema.”

Talking about the music video’s concept, Paloma said, “I had argument with my boyfriend, who is played by the same guy James, and I storm off and decide to go out to a club by myself. I meet eyes with this other man and he distracts me and tempts me a little, as you do sometimes when you have had an argument with your boyfriend… This is a autobiographical piece, where I’m sort of including both types of dancers that I used to look at, and found empowering, but also a type of dancers that I used to look at and I find degrading, and sort of meshing it all together to this hype-real dream-like version of what was really the early days of my career.”

Discussing the song, Paloma said, “This song is a bit how sometimes it’s better that you didn’t get to know certain fleeting people that you’ve met because they stay perfect in your memory, and if you had gotten to know them, then maybe you would realize that maybe they weren’t perfect.”

Watch the video and behind the scenes footage via YouTube below.

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