Pals Worry Justin Is Setting Alyssa Up For A Broken Heart

Globe magazine reports *NSYNC star is enjoying the single life as Alyssa Milano, Christina Aguilera, and ex-girlfriend Britney Spears compete for his attention. A pal confided, “Justin’s like a kid in a candy store. He dates Alyssa, rings up Britney on the pohne and he’s out fooling around with Christina.” Pals of Alyssa though fear that she may be taking the relationship a lot more serious than he is. “The truth is she’s madly in love with the guy,” her pal said. “Alyssa’s friends believe he’s not as serious about the relationship as her and may be setting her up for a broken heart.”

Plays DJ At Capital FM

November 5, 2002 – Justin took over DJ duties on Capital FM recently in London, answering fan questions as well. Asked about the perceived rivalry between Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter, Justin said, “I can’t honestly say that I have ever felt any rivalry with the Backstreet Boys or Nick Carter. I think it’s more or less the press pitting us against each other. But as the years have gone by I think people have noticed that we do have different styles and they don’t use the comparisons so much any more. To me there was never any rivalry.”

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