Paolo Nutini On Recording Second Album In Rural Ireland

checked in with his MySpace friends earlier today with the following bulletin:

Situated in rural Ireland, the studios secluded location – combined with the lovely January weather – was ideal for both concentrating the mind and at the same time providing some inspiration for new material.

The result is a collection of tracks, some no doubt familiar to live audiences and some newborn ideas. Next comes the task of refining and developing the songs to get them to that next level and get them finished for the final recording later in the year.

In spite of the weather, there were some opportunities for extra-curricularity. Friendly neighbours were in no short supply, some of whom owned helicopters!! As well as a short flight, some long guided walks provided an incite into some fascinating local history as well as some encounters with a variety of nosey livestock, wellies were the order of the day for the first time since Glastonbury. A few local hostelries were visited and we all agreed that the Irish Guinness is consistently very drinkable. So we consistently drank it. Rude not to.

Just so you know, the band is now five strong, the new addition to the line up being Dave Nelson on guitar (and anything else that you put in front of him). Dave and Paolo go back a long way and had it not been for commitments at home two years ago, he would be a familiar face by now….. yadda yadda … a bit more about Dave maybe… Looking forward to touring the new material, doing fezzies in the summer etc.



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