Paparazzi: The Celebs Hate Them, But Need Em

Contributed Anonymously:

How come these days almost every celebrity is always whining about the paparazzi? And how come in every music video, the concept is about how the paparazzi try to get in their business and the artist tries to run away and blah blah blah u know the whole same old thing. Well…I am starting to think that celebs should ever ignore them, deal with it, or get out of the music business completely and work at McDonald’s and do gigs at karaoke bars. THEN they will see that they actually miss the attention. I mean, yeah, I could understand that it could be a hassle having paparazzi follow you around, make up rumors, and so on, but jeez, at the end of the day don’t they still have more money that all of us can only dream about, a career that not everybody in the world can have, and a whole crew of people that are there to manage nutritious meals, a workout plan, etc. for you?

The way they’re complaining, they act as if paparazzi are taking all of that from them. If I were a celebrity, sure I would get sick of hearing rumors about me and being followed, but I would just accept it, and just live my life the best I can, and be thankful that I can live each day and enjoy my dream, and all that wealth and fortune that comes along with it. All these celebrity’s knew what they were getting into, nobody ever said that being a celebrity equals having a paparazzi free life, nor was their a guarantee or promise that there will never be bad press about them. It’s part of their career, every career, no matter how much money or benefits there are to it, there is going to be a little something that’s going to make it suck sometimes.

Celebrities of all people should be glad that they have the career they got. The way they complain, it just annoys me so much because while us, everyday people, are working hard in our jobs, and trying to make enough money to live in a decent home, and pay the bills, etc., they are complaining about paparazzi this and paparazzi that, and at the end of the day coming home to their mansions with so much money that they could feed a whole country, but still yet complaining about paparazzi as if they’re living worse than we are!

Doesn’t anybody else think that celebrities need to learn to stop complaining and be thankful? I just find it selfish. They complain about their career more than talking about how they’re thankful for the thing they have in which many of us don’t or ever will have.

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