Paparazzo Nick Stern Discusses ‘Quitting’ Britney Spears Assignment

Nick Stern, the paparazzo who claims to have resigned from Splash News over his personal troubles being part of the scrum that chased around Los Angeles, visited ‘The Early Show’ on Monday. He said Britney’s visit to a drug store the paparazzi had followed Spears to was the final straw. “(Some paparazzi) were walking backwards in order to photograph her,” he explained to ‘The Early Show’ correspondent Maggie Rodriguez. “There was a homeless woman who was watching the spectacle who got knocked to the ground. Nobody paid any attention to her. She was just left there. Some of the driving techniques are pretty scary, as well and, in my opinion, represent a danger to Britney Spears and other members of the public.”

Video of the interview, with Stern appearing in silhouette only to, he says, avoid jeopardizing his safety during continuing undercover assignments, has since been removed at

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