Paradiso Girls Apparently Lose Their Record Deal

Paradiso Girls

appear to be kaput after group member Chelsea Korka claimed otherwise on her Twitter account on Wednesday evening (October 6), only to be refuted by the group’s lead singer Aria Crescendo on the micro blogging web site. Aria said that Interscope had given up on the group. Chelsea wrote:

JUST SO EVERYBODY KNOWS!!!!! Paradiso Girls as I know of it is STILL A GROUP!!!!! YES we are all working on other projects and working…

towards the future, but we are still a group!!!! You will hear it from us first if anything changes!!!!! Thank You and SMILE!!!! XXOO!!!

ALSO!!!! I actually have TWO announcements tomorrow!!!! BUT remember that music is always #1 to me!!!!! A Grammy is my ultimate goal!!!

Paradiso Girls in the car

Aria later said:

@CHELSEA_KORKA why you confusing the fans? You know the truth Chelsea so stop pretending……be truthful to your heart for once

You guys I love all my fans and all the people that love me for me and not for some layers persons …. I love real people …. stay REAL

@DoWnforPaRaDiSo well I am not happy it happen we all invest 3 years of our life and work hard :( but is nothing we can do:( is sad

@DoWnforPaRaDiSo I am not mad at her I just want you guys to know the truth…… and I know she know it so is no reason to lay….

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