Parents Are Front Line In Culture Wars

Susan Reimer of the Baltimore Sun weighed in on Kendel Ehrlich’s recent troubles after saying she’d like to “shoot Britney Spears”, only to announce she was pregnant days later. Reimer reminded Ehrlich that her 4-year-old son will soon be dealing with a “bevy of half-naked beauties that will be sitting next to Drew in class, starting in about seventh grade.” She added, “Has the first lady seen lately? If Ehrlich is looking for somebody to shoot, she makes a better target. Christina makes Britney seem like a Sunday school teacher.”

But all is not lost. “Unlike pop stars, parents have staying power (because we have no choice), and we can outlast the latest,” Reimer explained. “When my children were young, I was terrified of Madonna’s spell. But she was making bad movies by the time they noticed her. Now she is writing children’s books, for heaven’s sake.”

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6 thoughts on “Parents Are Front Line In Culture Wars

  1. MistySl says:

    But, she does feel like the American public. America is tired of these Bimbos and their push-up bras. Madonna’s spell has passed, American Life is a failure with it’s flop 2 singles. Britney’s song is not making the splash they wanted, she’s a model at the very least. Christina has managed to stay front and center because the girl can sing. But she needs a bath too. Britney fans can say what they want but the girl can not hold a note. She has fooled the public with her strong gym-styled dancing too long. Vocally, she has not stepped up to the plate.

  2. outrageous4u says:

    What I think a lot of haters don’t realize is that I like Britney because she is an amazing entertainer-the whole package she is not a vocalist and never claimed to be she is a performer there is a difference it doesn’t make her any less talented she is overall much more talented than Mariah, Christina, blah blah blah if I want to listen to a vocalist, I’ll pop in stripped or one of Mariah’s but I rarely am in the mood for that 70 minutes of screeching one or two songs is cool of that but for the long run-i wanna dance and be in a good mood and Britney provides that for me its entertainment-nothing more quit trying to make everything so complicated, it all depends on your likes and dislikes and I love Britney

    Entertainment is entertainment plain and simple its not that deep peace the world we live in today with all the crap going on its nice to play a CD that makes you happy how can that be bad? someone answer that.

  3. XtinaFighter says:

    How can she be an all around amazing entertainer when she is only a dancer! that’s the only thing that she is actually good at! stop trying to defend your precious bimbo! the girl CANNOT sing for sh**! And that is the truth!

  4. MusicHomme says:

    Why stop with shooting Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.. I think she should shoot everyone who is “bad” for her kids.. face it lady, there will always be bad influences even in the biblical times.. the real problem here is parents too busy chasing their selfish ambitions and later blaming everyone and everything for a monster that they call son or daughter.

  5. jimmypee says:

    What a moron. has SHE seen Christina Aguilera lately? doing all her classy photo shoots for Elle and Glamour? SHES not the one appearing nude on every magazine on the shelves.

  6. Greggle says:

    People say Britney is an ‘amazing all rounder’ Well for starters to be an ‘all rounder’ you need something in the voice dept. She can dance but sounds awful when she sings and dances. Christina has written and co-produced her Stripped album and look at the end product – there’s not one song on there that’s ‘bad’. Britney trying to jump on the bandwagon now with having an R&B song with a rap artist on it wont work, and you can say Christina has done the same but her album came out last year, which was before the rap artist craze came about. You’ve said that if you want to hear screeching for 70 minutes you’ll put on Christina or Mariah – there’s only two songs where Christina shows off her vocal talent – Soar and the voice within. At least Christina can have songs where she actually sings rather than huffs and puffs and makes strange noises

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