Parents’ Divorce Still Haunts Mariah Carey

tells Good Housekeeping that her parents’ divorce still affects her. “I always said when I was little that I was never going to get married,” she told the mag in their February issue, “but then I was always the girl who didn’t understand why people would live together. ‘If they’re living together, then why don’t they get married?’ I’m actually sort of a prude like that, I guess.” The singer, who was married to music mogul Tommy Mottola, tells the mag she would only consider getting married again if she knew she was starting a family, and she’s not too sure that should be her goal. “I mean, to me, if you’re getting married, it’s about having kids,” she said. “Still, I worry sometimes about having kids when you’re really famous, because the kids aren’t asking to be brought into this world as famous people… I can’t even predict the next 10 minutes, let alone the next 10 years!”

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2 thoughts on “Parents’ Divorce Still Haunts Mariah Carey

  1. clayes says:

    they shouldn’t have been divorced…..not cool yah lyk totaly not cool

  2. makayla winfield says:

    Mariah Carey how old was your parents got divorced and how could you live the rest of your life letting that haunt you i still can’t get over my parents divorce.

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