Paris Hilton Album Sales Disappoint

Paris Hilton

The New York Post is giving grief over sales of her debut album, after it cleared 75,000 copies in week one and appears to be on pace for 30,000 this week. “The international outlook is not much better for her,” one industry source told Page Six. “The international people are not inclined to do a big push since she can’t back up the album with a tour. Obviously, she can’t sing live.” The source added that Hilton was advised a year ago to train her voice, work with choreographers and learn an instrument to prepare for a limited tour, but “obviously she didn’t listen.” While Hilton has done plenty of publicity for the disc, she has yet to perform live on television.

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4 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Album Sales Disappoint

  1. Mimi4Lyfe says:

    of course she ain’t gonna perform live because that dumb woman cant sing! 30,000 is horrible, almost as bad as Madonna’s sales for ‘Confessions’ in the U.S.

  2. TotallyBassing says:

    Why are they saying it like it’s a bad thing? Paris Hilton not touring or performing live on tv is a VERY VERY VERY VERY GOOD THING!

  3. CELEBR8 says:

    I can’t believe I’m about to defend Paris but…. How is this a disappointment for her? It is her first album & The blind stars (?) was a radio hit, she just needs to promote the CD. I didn’t even know it was released yet but I’m sure once radio starts to spin other songs it will sell…it may not be a blockbuster but she has enough little girls out there who adore her. Now let me go bash my head into a wall for awhile.

  4. ScorpionMan says:

    She only done this for money and to get a bit of the spotlight. She sure as hell isn’t an artist of any sense and the woman can’t even sing (she used studio magic Mimi-style!) and once she stops doing basic promo her album will fall off the charts. I’d be VERY surprised if this was certified Gold status (500,000 copies) And I’m surprised she has sold that much, 100,000 people think a flat voiced, flat chested low grade porn star makes for a good pop artist?? And they wonder why the music industry is dead!

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