Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Dance-Off

What happens when squabbling celebs run into each other at a nightclub… a dance off! According to Star magazine, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton hit the dance floor at Stereo early Wednesday morning.

“They got up to dance with their friends, and they’re barely a foot away from each other,” a source revealed. “Lindsay was all over two of her guy friends, grinding and dirty dancing. Meanwhile, Paris was doing a stripper dance with her girlfriend. It was obvious they were trying to outdo each other. As they were dancing, they were eyeing each other, and giving each other really dirty looks. It was like Paris was saying through her looks, ‘You stole my man!’ and Lindsay’s looks were like, ‘What are you going to do about it?'”

Lindsay Lohan Confronts Paparazzi In New York

TMZ reports Lindsay Lohan screamed at photographers outside the trendy Da Silvano eatery in New York City for taking pictures of her and her friends through a glass window at the restaurant while they were eating.

Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Feud Back On

After a momentary truce, The New York Post reports Paris Hilton confronted Lindsay Lohan at Butter in New York City on Monday night over news Lindsay’s dating her ex-boyfriend Stavros Niarchos. “I can’t believe you and Stavros,” ‘The Simple Life’ star shouted at Lohan. “You are ridiculous!” After the heiress continued the verbal abuse, Lohan responded, “That’s how you say hello? I don’t need to respond to you,” and left. The ‘Just My Luck’ star’s rep said, “Correct. Paris tried to pick a fight with her and started screaming at her, but Lindsay took the high road.”

Lindsay Lohan’s All-Star Answering Machine

Star magazine reports Lindsay Lohan has been letting friends listen to a message that Bruce Willis had left for her. “Hey gorgeous, I had so much fun with you last night,” the 51-year-old actor told the 19-year-old redhead. Lohan also played pals a tame message from a new squeeze, 28-year-old James Franco.

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2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton And Lindsay Lohan Dance-Off

  1. galleta says:

    Paris is an old woman compared to Lindsay and she just looks more and more pathetic arguing with a 19 year old at her age.

  2. champagne_dancer says:

    Did Paris allow that Olsen twin to yell at her when she stole Stavros?’, ‘Stavros is gross anyway…can’t believe people are fighting over him…but they’re bimbos, so who cares.

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