Paris Hilton Blogs About Fontainebleau Fight

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@parishilton) on Friday (March 27), discussing her involvement in a fight with a DJ at Fontainebleau hotel nightclub in Miami that she and boyfriend Doug Reinhardt were involved in the previous night. The heiress tells readers:

Just checking in to say hello and clear a few things up. I’ve been getting a lot of calls and emails regarding these subjects I’m about to discuss. First of all, last night at a club my boyfriend and I were assaulted for no reason at all. The DJ (I don’t even know his name cause he sucks so bad) was playing the worst music ever! I like certain techno music, but this was not even danceable and was frankly giving me a migraine. I asked one of my friends who runs the hotel if he could change the music and he said “I’ll lead you up to the DJ booth tell him and he’ll play whatever you want.” So he walked Doug and I over there. I asked the DJ if he could please play Daft Punk or Bob Sinclair and he rudely snapped at me and was like “I only play this kind of music.” I think he was jealous cause Bob Sinclair is a far better DJ then this guy by about a million times. He was so unbelievably rude and all because I asked to play one good song. Then out of nowhere his bodyguard (don’t ask me why he has a bodyguard, like he really needs one. Ha) pushed me really hard, that’s when my boyfriend, like my knight in shining armor, stepped in and told the guy to keep his hands off of me. Then all hell broke loose, it was like something out of a fight movie, it was so frightening. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Doug was fighting off like 6 guys. But he was of course stronger then them all but one of the idiots punched him in the face and busted open his lip. There was blood all over, I cried I was so upset and scared. It was ridiculous and for such a stupid reason, I cannot believe people behave this way, like animals! FYI this is not in my nature to be in club brawls, I’ve never been around anything like that. It was totally unprovoked and thank God Doug was there to rescue me. A man should NEVER put his hands on a woman in that manner.

Hilton also talked about reports she and Doug were engaged, which she denied.

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2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Blogs About Fontainebleau Fight

  1. WTF says:

    Paris should kill herself she is the worst human being on earth! I cannot wish enough bad things on her, her family and all her so-called friends. She is all that is wrong with our society. I am sure none of this situation was her fault at all, she is always just the sorry victim in every altercation. Really?? Please Paris do us all a favor and KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!!!

  2. Cmon says:

    Seriously Paris…. all due respect, the DJ is paid to play “HIS or Her” music, not yours, if you were at some Cheesy wedding maybe it would be acceptable, but you of all people, you club hopper you, should know never to ask the DJ anything but, “Do you want a drink or water”?

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