Paris Hilton Bruises Weren’t Caused By Nick Carter

Contributed anonymously:
I read the New York Post that star was the person who gave those bruises. I’ve e-mailed the Post due to their false fabrication. After all, they are .1% correct with their “dish”. I have yet to get a reply from them, and I doubt that they’ll retract their story. Because it isn’t and never was the truth.

I’ve met Nick several times throughout the years, and even hung out with him and his crew when at the clubs in both L.A. and NYC. He’s nothing but a gentleman. Sometimes he would bring his (now ex) girlfriend or whom ever he was going out with at the time. He’s a sweet guy to them and treats them the way a lady would like to be treated. He is completely down to earth. He talks to everyone and loves to have fun. So yes, I was surprised when I read the allegations towards him. That’s why she’s putting the blame on him, for making her look bad. If for some reason it gets bigger than it already his, Paris does not have a case.

I was there the night Nick and Paris were together (after they’ve announced the split), that party at the Argyle and at Joseph’s. People where looking at them and whispering and even asked them if they did in fact got back together. They’d just laugh it off, and Nick said “we’ll see.” He looked and acted happy that night. Though I don’t know Paris, we know the same people and we both do the nightlife scene.

It was about ten minutes before my friends and I left to go to Joseph’s when a friend of mine told me to look at where she was pointing. We saw Paris hot and heavy with some model type guy. He had dark hair and was thin. They did some heavy flirting and then some girl approached them looking really angered. I’m guessing it’s the guys girlfriend. We couldn’t hear what was being said but the body language was enough. She grabbed Paris’ risk and pushed it away from the guy. Then grabbed him and they both walked away. They passed by us and the girl said something in the lines of “I thought you and that bitch were over?!”

Nick didn’t see any of that at the Argyle. Paris and Nick arrived at different times at Joseph’s. But ended up together throughout until that same guy she was flirting at the Argyle came up at their table. We were across from them. He took Paris and of course this pissed off Nick and told the guy that they were together. However, we heard Paris said that “no we’re not!” and left. About an hour or so after, we heard loud voices but really couldn’t tell where it was coming or from who. A few of my friends where sitting at a different table and said that the model’s girlfriend stormed out cussing and her clothes screwed up. Next thing we see was Nick and Paris leaving together they both looked upset, Paris looking pissed and hence those pictures of them together in the cab. I don’t know why Paris would blame Nick, someone who saw the incident said that Nick and that guy was trying to stop the cat fight. Nick’s lawyer was right about the fact that Paris was upset at Nick’s comments on People Magazine. That was published before the Argyle/Joseph’s night. Now Paris is upset at Nick for making her look bad? (Sex tape Paris, sex tape). If for some reason it gets bigger than it already is, Paris does not have a case.

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8 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Bruises Weren’t Caused By Nick Carter

  1. Meggz75 says:

    I hope what you say is fact and you did not make this up. This whole situation has been bugging me and has upset me. Even tho I know Nick is not a perfect angel, I still think very highly of him because of the many times I have met him. Thank you for your post. I just hope that Paris and her camp will come out and at least confirm that Nick did not hurt Paris. It pisses me off that she is allowing people to think Nick hurt her if in fact he did not.

  2. milasmine says:

    You do not know how much I want to believe…’, ‘But I have a feeling charges will be pressed or things would not be going as they have. I adore Nick as much as you and I have met the sweetheart too. I hope that he is innocent, but if different is found out, I believe it was an incident he regrets deeply and I still it believe to be out of character for him. He is human and I will always remember that throughout this whole ordeal. As well I will remember the memories he and BSB have given me with many more to come I hope.

  3. cwaaft says:

    if they did in fact got back together

    If you’re going to try and make people think your someone important, at least use proper grammar. If Nick Carter and his lawyers had any room to sue, they would have been screaming it at the top of their lungs. You made up quite the little story there to go with the tabloid pics we’ve gotten.

  4. galleta says:

    OH come on anyone can write crap here and it gets posted. If this were true why not give your name to make it legitimate. I don’t know if Nick really hit her I hope not but to have long articles like this that can’t be proved is silly and means nothing. I want to know why is it that Nick hasn’t come out and made a statement if he’s completely innocent.

  5. Smile says:

    That isn’t necessarily true.. Nick and his lawyers are more than likely going to try to settle this outside of court first. If they can get Paris’s rep to tell the truth and therefore clear Nick’s name, instead of “no comment” all the time, then they probably won’t go to court. But it is hard to tell if this person is telling the truth. All that is obvious to me at this time is that Nick didn’t do this. And I’ve explained why I feel that way in several of my previous posts.

  6. pl says:

    this sounds like something Paris would do anytime..she is that evil

  7. Gemma says:

    EPIC! She’s a twit. Very nice article. I’m not a BSB fan…but I’m a ‘I hate Paris’ fan :) I think Paris saw an opportunity to get back at Nick, and his image was a little tarnished due to his drug habits and arrests…so she was just being a b**ch. I think its funny and very cool that he cleaned himself up, left that crowd and stuff…while Paris gets caught with drugs…that ‘aren’t hers’

  8. anonymus says:

    Personally, I always thought that Paris Hilton was lying is a bad person involved. Now, Nick looked what happened to her. This guy always has trouble with girls who have come out with it and then complain that they use but do not know and let women choose to be blinded by the physical beauty, has this problem. Everyone knows as Paris Hilton, she is good for stable relationships, do not know how to keep and then quickly gets bored and has no real friends, but that was to invent a reality to find a best friend? She does not want friends only server and tell people every minute, “you’re beautiful and that list.” I suspect it was Nick who broke their relationship, or at least refused to return with her, and avenge, Paris, accused him of abuse, that’s my theory.

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