Paris Hilton Denies Breakup With Nick Carter

phoned up The New York Post to deny reports she was kissing sex tape co-star Rick Salomon at an Oscar night party in Los Angeles. “I would never speak to him again after what he did to me,” Hilton insisted. She also denied profiting from the tape, and denied she had split with star Nick Carter. “His grandmother died, and he had to go to her funeral in Buffalo,” Hilton said, explaining why they hadn’t been seen together recently.

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5 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Denies Breakup With Nick Carter

  1. SelenaY143 says:

    That makes sense. Nick had to leave her because he had to go to his grandmother’s funeral. See, New York Post is crap. Paris doesn’t sound that convincing that she didn’t kiss him but whatever. As long as Nick’s busy and looks like he might be in business instead of getting too attached with this “socialite”, then it’s all good. And the BSB album is being kept on track.

  2. glittakitten says:

    They should be left alone, it must suck having so much crap written about you. People will write about anything to get attention. I’m glad their still together, good luck to them.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    I’m surprise they didn’t follow the poor bloke to the funeral…they should just leave them alone already they aren’t stuck together either they aren’t going to be together 24/7 and it def doesn’t mean that because they do things on their own that they are broken up.

  4. popnicklover says:

    I agree with Selena, that definitely makes more sense. Of course Nick wouldn’t be off to some premiere party with her because he’s grieving his late grandmother. And now I know Paris isn’t a complete idiot because after a stunt like the whole sex tape thing, I was sure she wouldn’t go back to that Rick Salomon loser guy.

  5. milasmine says:

    She was with him in Buffalo before her b-day Party. and for the weekend after, she came back with Nick and within days his grandma had died and Nick went for the funeral. So she was obviously on her dying bed, they just did not know when exactly this would happen. I know you do not like Paris, but if you did you would have read articles at sites on her that said she was with Nick in New York (before the death), it just did not specify why, but know we now.

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