Paris Hilton Didn’t Sing On Debut Album?

Paris Hilton

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “I gotta mention this, Paris Hilton in the news again. There’s a rumor that Paris Hilton did not really sing on her recent album. Yeah, yeah, when asked about it, Paris’ producer said, ‘It’s true, and you’re welcome’.”

Paris Hilton Denied Entry

12, 2006 – The New York Post reports Paris tried to join Orlando Bloom, Winona Ryder and Josh Lucas in the Gramercy Park Hotel’s Rose Bar, but bouncer Damien stopped her due to Ian Schrager’s decree that “the likes of Paris Hilton and her ilk are not welcome here.”

Paris Hilton Emulates Lindsay Lohan On Movie Set

11, 2006 – Paris’ ‘Bottoms Up’ co-star Simona Fusco blasted the heiress in an interview with Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine. “I don’t think there’s any talent there. My biggest problem with Paris was that she was always late on the set,” Fusco complained. “It became very annoying… Everyone gets tired. By the time Paris finally showed up, she was usually coming from a party… She never memorized her lines. So now, not only does she show up late, but on top of it she didn’t have her lines ready to go. It was a very long day working with Paris.”

Richard Branson Pulls One Over On Paris Hilton

10, 2006 – The Daily Mail reports Paris was tricked by Richard Branson at his son Sam’s spectacular 21st birthday party. The heiress asked if she could come to the Mad Hatter-themed bash dressed as Alice in Wonderland, prompting Branson to have his staff of 60 waitresses at the event to also dress as Alice. “It was one hell of a party,” a source said. “Paris found herself looking more like Tweedledum as she was surrounded by dozens of other Alices.” The full story at has since been removed.

In Paris Hilton’s Defense

September 9, 2006 – Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue the other night, “In Paris (Hilton’s) defense, her blood-alcohol level was just barely over the legal limit. The woman is 5-9 and weighs 110 pounds. When you’re that skinny, you can blow a 0.08 just from sitting next to Tara Reid.”

No Paris Hilton Mug Shot

September 9, 2006 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Globally, the hugest story in the world, Paris Hilton arrested yesterday. This is the — cover of the Beijing Times. Most important story in the world, right now. Everybody’s talking about it. And I got the latest, of course. She was arrested yesterday. L.A. Police now say they will not release Paris Hilton’s arrest report or her mug shot. Yeah. Unfortunately, the police say, it’s too late to stop the release of Paris’s album. … Now here’s the latest, Paris Hilton has issued an explanation for her drunk driving arrest. She says, she was speeding, because, this is a quote, she wanted an In and Out Burger. She wanted an In and Out Burger. Yes. Comedy experts say the only way Paris’ quote could’ve been better is if Paris said she wanted a Doin’ It Sandwich or Intercourse Taco.”

Elliot Mintz Discusses Paris Hilton’s DUI At Hyde

September 9, 2006 – Henry Trappler of spoke with Paris’ publicist Elliot Mintz about the heiress’ DUI arrest on Thursday night outside Hyde in Hollywood. Later, Elliot was spotted leaving the club with Paris. has since removed the video.

Paris Hilton Excited To Be Weightless

September 9, 2006 – Carson Daly joked during his ‘Last Call’ monologue on Thursday night, “I am sorry I have to start out with this. I am obsessed with this news story. I’m sure you’ve heard about this, but Paris Hilton is planning on going to space. Did you read this story? I swear to God. I love this story. She’s going on a new commercial shuttle, or as I like to call it, the Sluttle. Hilton says she’s excited to experience complete weightlessness and finally know what it’s like to be Nicole Richie.”

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