Paris Hilton Dumps Nick Carter, Returns To Sex Tape Partner

The New York Post reports that after dumping star , appears to be back with formerly feuding sex tape partner Rick Salomon. The two “were making out on the bus” ferrying celebrants from Rick Yorn, Patrick Whitesell and Mike DeLuca’s Oscar after-party, according to a source. Despite Salomon’s $10 million libel lawsuit against the Hilton family – who trashed him when the homemade sex tape first hit the Internet – legal experts consulted by The Post say it’s doubtful Salomon could market the video (at $50 per download) without Paris’ consent, making it possible she’s getting a piece of the profits.

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7 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Dumps Nick Carter, Returns To Sex Tape Partner

  1. melikkab says:

    She used Nick to appear more ‘wholesome’ and nice after the sex tape fiasco. She has achieved that and now she’s back on track. I mean she has a pop album in the works for god sakes. (insert sarcasm here)

  2. Hazel123 says:

    So how many times has The Post reported that they broke up? In any event, she might not be as stupid as she looks. If she sleeps with Rick again, he’ll most likely drop the lawsuit after a while and she’ll be on her merry little way again. Just you watch. And I hope Nick gets tested right away. Who knows where she’s been?

  3. scratchnsniff says:

    If this is true, which I hope it’s not, she’s the dumbest and most naive girl in the world. This man has trashed her and her family in the press since that tape fiasco surfaced. Nick’s definitely not all that but what is Rick Salomon? He looks like a coked-up media whore that doesn’t really have an ounce of respect for women. Then again, Paris is kind of a coked-up media whore herself…What weird people!

  4. LoveNick128 says:

    As much as I love Nick, I thought that he was a complete idiot to even date this girl in the first place. I’m just glad that this is all over with so that he can now just concentrate on the new BSB album.

  5. Meggz75 says:

    He is a great guy and I wish that people could meet him and see that for themselves. I’m here to defend Nick and all he stands for. Nick probably does not come here so he needs his fans here to show support and love on his behalf. It has been wonderful having you around to help out. I thought for a few seconds that Paris wasn’t so bad if she made Nick happy but it looks as tho she is breaking his heart. I feel for Nick, I really do, poor guy has no luck in love :( Again, take care and maybe you can visit every so often

  6. popnicklover says:

    I doubt this is true…just because Paris and Nick haven’t been photographed together for the past few days, the New York Post thinks they’ve broken up. And why would Paris go out with the man she’s suing and the man who wants to make her sex tape viewable to the public?! She can’t be THAT stupid.

  7. Annoymous says:

    This is all so fake! Stop posting rumours! Paris did NOT at all go back with Rick Salmon. He was with someone else after the sex tape. She never ever went back to him or saw him again after the sex tape. They broke up! He dumped her! This is fake, they weren’t making out on a bus!

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