Paris Hilton Entering Hyde While Tara Reid Gets Denied

After Tara Reid was denied admittance to Hyde in Hollywood on Friday (August 25), her former pal came sauntering by and breezed inside with her friend Kim Kardashian, as Tara could only stand on the sidewalk and steam. Watch footage from TMZ below the cut.

Jimmy Kimmel Offers New Title For Paris Hilton’s Debut

August 24, 2006 – Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Tuesday night, “I presume that most of you came from the Virgin Megastore across the street where you no doubt purchased the CD. Did anyone buy it today? You guys didn’t buy it. They’re describing its techno meets house with a touch of HPV. I actually listened to a little bit of it today. The sounds are so derivative of other songs, they should have called it ‘The Sample Life’, because — the truth of the matter, it’s not for me.”

Music Video Censored In India

August 24, 2006 – According to the Hollywood Reporter, India’s Central Board of Film Certification has issued an “Adult” certification for Paris’ new music video ‘Stars Are Blind’, which means it cannot be broadcast on any channel.

Paris Hilton Brand Channel At YouTube

August 23, 2006 – Warner Bros. Records and YouTube teamed up to create the Paris Hilton Brand Channel – providing advertisers a place to showcase video content on YouTube with a look and feel that is consistent with their brand imagery.

“Paris Hilton and YouTube are both pop culture phenomena. So, it makes sense that Paris is part of this exciting initiative, and be first,” said Robin Bechtel, Head of New Media, Warner Bros. Records. Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-Founder of YouTube added, “Our vision is to build a new advertising platform that both the community and advertisers will embrace. Our announcement today is just the beginning of the many new ad concepts we will be rolling out over the coming year. This new medium requires finding a balance between traditional online advertising and new creative approaches that engage consumers in an active way. Advertisers now have a highly targeted opportunity for aligning their brands alongside the entertainment experience people are enjoying on YouTube.”

Check it out at

Brandon Davis Living At Paris Hilton’s Home

August 23, 2006 – Life & Style weekly reports Paris is now living with oil heir Brandon at her Hollywood Hills home. “His family is selling their home, so Brandon’s been shacking up with Paris at her place off the Sunset Strip,” an insider revealed. “All his clothes, his toiletries and even some of the artwork he owns.” The source added, “They’re hooking up, but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it. It’s being kept very hush-hush.”

Evangeline Lilly: People Like Paris Hilton Are Destroying Our Culture

August 23, 2006 – ‘Lost’ star Evangeline Lilly is blasting Hollywood and a family face around the town, Paris Hilton. “I need to help people or I’d be no better than the Paris Hiltons of the world, waltzing around with their Louis Vuitton bags and their little dogs,” the actress said. “Those people couldn’t give a rat’s ass if somebody was starving on the street next to them. Hollywood is the Sodom and Gomorrah of today. It’s a world I avoid because it’s destroying our culture.”

Paris Hilton Selling Her Bed

August 22, 2006 – David Letterman joked during his Late Show monologue on Monday night, “Here’s something ridiculous and fascinating. Paris Hilton, you know Paris Hilton is selling her bed. It includes a mattress and box springs, two pillows, and a shot of penicillin.”

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