Paris Hilton Flashes While In The Bahamas With Nick Carter

showed off her bare ass as she got down and dirty in a nightclub in the Bahamas with her boyfriend Nick Carter. The 22-year-old star was reported to have curbed her partying antics after a sex tape of her was splashed across the Internet. But Paris was more than happy to flash her privates in front of an audience as she danced on tables at the Dragon’s Club in the luxury Paradise Hotel. “She arrived at the club about 2.30am with her new boyfriend Nick Carter,” said onlooker Cory Seymour who was also in the club. “She bought a drink and jumped right up onto the bar and started dancing. She was certainly not shy and every guy in the club left their girlfriends to come and take a look at her.”

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10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Flashes While In The Bahamas With Nick Carter

  1. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Once a whore, always a whore. Who the hell wears neon green and purple animal print?! This girl is a crime against fashion AND nature. I thought Nick was kind of a wholesome guy, why is he going out with trash like her?

  2. popnicklover says:

    Aww…he’s just having a bit of fun! Nick IS a wholesome guy, but he’s also 23 years old. I know this relationship isn’t serious so I’m not taking it seriously. Some Nick fans need to get over it. It’ll probably be over soon. And until then, we can have a good laugh at Paris’s antics.

  3. bsg1hbk says:

    This girl is trash… There’s other ways to have fun then to flash your ass at people. Obviously a 23 year old guy is going to be attracted to such things but I’m not sure its going to be for long.

  4. mnm says:

    Can hardly believe her. Hey, gals! Come on! Somebody has got to encourage Nick to strip down at one of these nights out with the cameras rolling. Come on, Carter, let’s see what you’ve got to show – it’s bound to happen sooner or later if you’re serious about hanging with Paris.

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I feel bad for Nick…. I really do! And he IS wholesome…somewhat…’, ‘His arrest wasn’t fair how the cop handled him, and it wasn’t handled according to, what do they call it, protocol? Is that it? It sounds right…. Anyways, a friend of mine who is a cop said that number one, they’d never ask 10 or more times to leave, they’d TELL him once and then escort him out. Number two, they’d never give to the count of three….. Things don’t add up, and it sounds like he really was harassed that night! About the Paris thing….I’m sure when he gets back around Brian and Kevin, they’ll straighten him out. Howie will play a part in that too…. She’ll be out; she’s not good for him at all! She will ruin his reputation, and he’s gonna see that!

  6. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Nick needs to get away. I mean, she always has to be the center of attention, and she loves being in the spotlight, even with her private life, and he’s SO private that it’s gonna get that old. I mean, he doesn’t want the media prying around in his life, and it’s only gonna get worse, and he’s gonna get sick of it. I’m not worried about that part of it; what I”m worried about is that he’s gonna get hurt! GOD she’s a skank!

  7. SelenaY143 says:

    You know, I still have that doubt in my mind about Nick’s company with Paris.. I really don’t get it. Like what the rumors said he’s just out to “have fun” but see the paparazzi is everywhere and Nick considers himself a private person. Somehow I still smell “fish” in these stories. It’s not just Paris that brings the odour. lmao Cuz she’s obviously what makes things slimy especially the “flash”ing part. Disgusting. And I do agree with you for the most part. The arrest on Nick, well I do feel bad for him, but how he got arrested sounded too much of a blur.

  8. Justincaseyestwo says:

    He probably saw one of her XXX videos and maybe would like to “duplicate” something. Just hope he is being smart and is wearing a condom (might want to double up) and makes sure there are no cameras around otherwise the next video will be Paris Hilton and Nick Carter. You would think she would keep a lower profile since the videos came out but I guess she likes being tacky. With the kind of money she will inherit what the hell does she care.

  9. mnm says:

    How many guys would really be happy to let their girlfriend do such a thing in public? Let’s hear it from you guys out there – would you tolerate your girlfriend doing such a thing? Maybe Nick’s afraid that if he says anything to her about it that he’ll lose her. Maybe she did it to see just how far she can push him, if he’s jealous, or whatever. Maybe she was hoping that it’d p— him off and that she could go on to her next victim. I can’t believe this girl’s antics. I think he should do something like that the next time they’re out to see what her reaction is.

  10. anonymus says:

    It is the only thing worth this lady to teach her ??ass on a bar, that’s his only talent.

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