Paris Hilton In Snit With Lindsay Lohan, Gets Rejected By John Mayer

There was plenty of drama for Paris Hilton during the Grammy Awards weekend in Los Angeles. On Friday, the New York Post hears the heiress got into an argument with fellow party girl Lindsay Lohan. “What the hell is that bitch doing here,” Lohan said at the People magazine party at Avalon. “I didn’t know she was on the list.” Hilton heard the comment and, according to The Daily Mail responded, “Fu** off, you bitch!”

Then on Sunday, Page Six hears ‘The Hottie And The Nottie’ “star” was getting rejected by not only the box office, but by John Mayer. “At one point, she sat at a table and tapped on the seat to motion him to sit next to her,” a witness at the Sony BMG Grammy party at the Thompson Hotel lounge said. “John politely sat for less than a second before ignoring her and moving to chat with a group of friends.”

VH1’s Paul F. Tompkins Discusses Paris Hilton’s Box Office Flop

February 12, 2008 – VH1’s Paul F. Tompkins talked with ‘Countdown’ host Keith Olbermann about Paris’ latest movie, ‘The Hottie or the Nottie’, how it grossed only $25,000 in its opening weekend, and what kind of person would pay to see it. They also talked a bit about how the Grammy Awards had terrible ratings and what to expect for the Academy Awards. Watch the segment below.

Talks With Glamour UK

February 11, 2008 – Lindsay is featured in the new issue of the UK edition of Glamour magazine, where the singer/actress weighed in on other stars who have had recent difficulties that eclipsed her own last year, and Amy Winehouse. “I think lots of people go through dark times, but it’s even harder with everyone watching,” Lohan explained. “It’s a lot of pressure and I really feel for them, but I can’t compare myself to them. Everyone is their own person and they will overcome it in their own ways.”

While admitting “2007 was a rough year”, Lohan said “the biggest misconception is probably that I don’t have my head in the right place. That, and probably that I’m not a good person. That makes me sad, because actually I am.”

Paris Hilton Gets A Primaries Primer From Christine Lakin

February 5, 2008 – A source tells’s Pop Tarts that when Paris met with the press for her new film ‘The Hottie and the Nottie’ with co-star Christine Lakin, the heiress was asked about who she was supporting in the presidential primaries. “Christine quickly jumped in and responded,” the source explained. “After the interviewer left, she asked Christine what the primaries were and how many there were, so Christine patiently went through what the process was.”

Whlie Hilton isn’t likely to make any appearances on ‘Meet The Press’, Lakin did say she was impressed with her work ethic. “There is a lot more to Paris than most people know – she isn’t a diva at all,” Lakin said. “She really took the role really seriously and even saw an acting coach. She came to the set every day knowing what she was doing and worked hard.”

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  1. Gisela says:

    Well of course LiLo was pissed, Paris called her a firecrotch! You don’t get over that:) It’s funny, they released the contents of LiLo’s safe after her string of robberies. LOL

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