Paris Hilton Look-Alike Lives It Up In Ibiza

Paris Hilton look-alike Lucie Triance tells News of the World she was mobbed by paparazzi, partied with real celebs and even pulled a megarich Russian playboy, who was convinced he was bedding the sex-mad hotel heiress. “I headed to Ibiza in June with no money and no job,” the 23-year-old explained. “But in no time I was living it up in a wild fling with a billionaire.”

Paris Follows Stavros Out Of Shag

1, 2006 – Stavros Niarchos was videotaped slipping out of Shag club seconds before Paris Hilton in Hollywood the other night. The heiress then drove off in her sports car while blasting her debut single ‘Stars Are Blind’. has since removed the video.

Elliot Mintz Still Predicting Paris CD Will Hit #1

1, 2006 – Paris Hilton’s manager Elliot Mintz was videotaped outside Hyde in Hollywood, California the other night, where he predicted to Henry Trappler of that the heiress’ new album would climb to the top of the charts by September 10th. The two then shared glowing words for Hilton. has since removed the video.

Lance Armstrong And Paris Hilton An Item?

August 31, 2006 – The New York Post reports cycling great Lance Armstrong showed up with Paris to the Key Club in Los Angeles on Tuesday night to catch the band the Vacation. “They came together, they hung out and left together,” a spy revealed.

Paris Hilton In Space?

August 31, 2006 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “Paris Hilton has agreed to pay $200,000 to be one of the first civilians to travel into space. Yeah, which makes sense ’cause Hilton’s motto is, ‘Where every man has gone before.'”

Charlotte Church: Price To Book ‘Airhead’ Paris Too High

August 30, 2006 – The Sun reports Charlotte dropped plans to have Paris Hilton appear as a guest on her new talk show after the socialite demanded $630,000 to appear. “She demanded a ridiculous amount,” Church said. “But she’s a complete airhead. She was hardly going to announce anything world-changing.”

Paris Hilton Music Video Banned In India

August 30, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Paris Hilton’s new music video has been censored in India. They said it was borderline pornographic. Which I believe is a step up for Paris. Only borderline pornographic.”

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One thought on “Paris Hilton Look-Alike Lives It Up In Ibiza

  1. JasonLeeBenson says:

    I think they should ban India from Paris. Who cares. What a bunch of idiots man. Anyone that worships a cow must have some problems. I mean, I could see an orangutan or something but a cow! Cows are cute and adorable but man are they really holy? I would imagine its because of there strict policy of nudity. But still its a video with taste and style. Other then the stick boy that’s in the video that ruins it. Who makes me want to vomit and puke every time I see him brush his skin against hers. But then again I would have to submit it would make me puke and vomit to see anyone but my skin brush up against hers.

    Paris Hilton, I have to say that I have been on this earth now for almost thirty years. I have seen millions of people. And she is the only women I have found. I remember thinking to myself whats wrong with people these days. It amazes me that a women of such young age can be such a women. Anyway, This sucks man! I think there should be more availability to converse and post comments on this site. How come topics of importance aren’t allowed to respond upon. Like her album reaching up to number 6? Man that’s super cool! I like it because it stuffs a sock in everyone that posted such negative comments the day before of which whom obviously have no musical taste sense, or even common human intelligence? Are you jealous because she is the most angelically divine women on earth? Does it drive you nuts to were you have to feel a sense of meanness to indulge a sense of self serenity of pleasure? Or are you just plain mean. Perhaps you can sit down, and write a list. Named what has Paris ever done to make you feel hatred? Then perhaps you can visualize the amount of smiles joy and love she has brought to millions of people. I would like to add that I would have killed myself if it wasn’t for her divine angelic love. I would no longer be alive. I have found no joy on this earth and feel like virtual death at times. And the only reason why I haven’t killed myself is because of the joy that her smile and love brings. So perhaps you can rethink and revamp your negative feelings into a jar before I call upon my GOD and vex you all! I curse thee! just kidding, I feel no such means. But anyway perhaps you could pick on someone that has reason to be picked on. I would like you to know that she is one of the most compassionate beings on this earth filled with more love then you could imagine. If you ever watched her show you would see it in her personality. I’m sorry that your so indulged in a lie that brings you a sense of serenity. But its alright, I think everyone has a false sense of reality. Perhaps that’s one part of what keeps humans alive. Be it a GOD in space. That new car your saving up for that one day you might buy, the hope of your children going to college and being something your not to get you out of the ghetto. Or perhaps hating someone because you can out of jealousy or human nature to be evil upon something there not. In a sense it seems a divine mystery how such a divine women can hold so much grace and beauty, and people can be so blind. Almost like the bible being so powerful and full of wisdom and divine grace. Yet upon this world its cast aside like a foolish whim. Anyway. I ode that I would have killed myself by now. So if your looking for something positive behind what your blind to see, there’s something you may cherish. Her smile and love has kept me from death. Peace Love and Chicken Grease Fellow humans I hate you all. This whole human race. I have loved no one else on earth. I could care less if you all fall into the ground. Jerry and Paris. I hate you all the whole human race! GOD Bless You

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