Paris Hilton Not Concerned About Swine Flu: “I Don’t Eat That”

TMZ is giving Paris Hilton a tough time after catching up with the heiress in Los Angeles the other day, asking her for her thoughts on the swine flu dominating the news. Asked if she was concerned about the outbreak that has killed dozens in Mexico, Hilton said, “I don’t eat that.” The response prompted some disbelief from the TMZ crew, though one joked, “It’s low on the list of diseases Paris has to contend with.” The report at MySpace has since been removed.

Paris Hilton And Doug Reinhardt Party At H. Wood

April 28, 2009 – Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt were spotted outside H. Wood in Hollywood on Monday night (April 27). Earlier in the evening, Hilton said on Twitter (@ParisHilton) she watched the LA Lakers wrap up their series against the Utah Jazz at her home. Watch footage below.

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One thought on “Paris Hilton Not Concerned About Swine Flu: “I Don’t Eat That”

  1. Cathy Shey says:

    We should be thankful that the swine flu did not spread very rapidly. it is not very deadly like Ebola but swine flu can still kill you.

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