Paris Hilton Running Late With Debut Album

The People reports that Paris Hilton’s record bosses are upset with the ‘Simple Life’ star for slow progress on her debut album. Hilton hasn’t recorded enough tracks yet for the disc which was supposed to be released in September, in addition to her first single being delayed. “Warner Records are confident she’ll be a success if she knuckles down,” a source insisted.

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9 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Running Late With Debut Album

  1. Starlet01 says:

    So Paris Hilton is signed to Warner Brothers Records? I thought she was signed to her own label called Heiress Records. Unless Heiress Records is a branch off old Warner Brothers Records? I wonder if she is still planning to use “Screwed” as her debut song. Since she stole it from Haley Duff (Hilary Duff’s older sister).

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    So in other words, they see that her 15 minutes are ticking away and they still wanna try to capitalize off her before it is too late…..seeing how she’s gonna “retire” soon…

    I don’t really think people LIKE her….’, ‘I think people are just so surprised that she continues to get the breaks she does with absolutely NO talent and making a name by partying and having sex!

  3. divinah says:

    … but one thing is certain: that horrific debut CD of hers will go to No. 1, while “Confessions on a Dancefloor” will flop bigtime.

  4. killabot says:

    god I hope no one buys this album. I can’t believe people actually like her!!!! just get married and get kids so we don’t have to see you again!

  5. notAhater says:

    PARIS HILTON…y is she so ugly with all that money cant u fiX urself? look @ nicole follow in her footsteps y dunt u? she cant sing act or even THINK! how is she going 2 record if shes using her time 2 think of ways 2 b in the public eye:) hehehe ………BRITNEY SPEARS RULES…

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    What happened to the “retirement” that she was talking about? And who really cares that she’s “running late” with this album, its not as if we are desperately waiting for it.

  7. Cabati says:

    What could possibly be taking her so long? I mean, she didn’t go out on a tuesday night to work on her album. Obviously she’s giving it her all!

  8. estephania says:

    let’s hope she keeps on running…and run into a rabbit hole somewhere and not torture our good taste with her crappy excuse for music. Man, sometimes I think that my dog could get a record deal, they seem to give them away to anyone!

  9. Michelle13105 says:

    I wish you Mariah fans would SHUT UP. Hell, at least Madonna didn’t go cribs…’, ‘and act nutty by changing her outfit everytime she entered a different room.

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