Paris Hilton Set To Release Debut Album June 2nd

Paris Hilton

Roger Friedman of reports that on Saturday night, at an event in Cannes for which received $200,000 to appear, she stuck a CD on to the audio system and performed from her album for the first time anywhere. Hilton sang along to six of her tracks including ‘Screwed’, which listeners described as “difficult” to listen to. Friedman says the album will be out on June 2nd, and Hilton is recording the video to the album’s first release, ‘Stars Are Blind’, in Malibu this week. Read more.

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4 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Set To Release Debut Album June 2nd

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Finally, she’ll release it, it will flop, and then she’ll be dropped!

  2. RPL says:

    The woman is pathetic, I doubt it will be out June 2nd there will be no promotion! Unless she is trying to promote it off her simple life 4 appearances, which is only funny because of Nicole. Hope it flops, she cannot sing! And her songs are retarded.

  3. dancindiva3232 says:

    It wont be released on the 2nd that is in like a week and there isn’t even a video yet. It doesn’t even make sense. Whatever people can make fun of her however much they want but I wish I could get paid a million dollars to wave to a bunch of Austrians. Sure beats my part time summer job lol

  4. howiesgirl says:

    Like I said before the GIRL CANT SING this will be a big FLOP for her and everyone’s going to make fun of her cause shes STUPID why even bother

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