Paris Hilton Teases Nick Carter About Nightclub Ban

In Touch magazine reports that Paris Hilton was spotted with ex-boyfriend Nick Carter on Labor Day at Joseph’s Cafe in Los Angeles. The meeting wasn’t a friendly one though, as Hilton continues her efforts to get Carter banned from LA clubs. “He wasn’t getting into the club,” Paris told the mag. “So I just laughed at him and called him a loser.” Now the Backstreet Boys star is pondering having his “Paris” tattoo removed from his wrist, or at least get it changed to something like “Parish.”

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9 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Teases Nick Carter About Nightclub Ban

  1. Rina50 says:

    Very interesting when this meeting happen, because from what I know Backstreet Boys and Nick Carter is more than week in China.

  2. Pheobe says:

    Paris is right, Nick Carter is a loser. She may be a $2.00 whore but she deserves better than that over weight shaved head women abusing freak. I’m glad she realized that.

  3. SweetLikeChocolate says:

    I guess that proves Paris IS a spoiled woman, no matter what she tells the world. And getting that tattoo removed is the best thing Nick can do. Name tattoos are curses.

  4. galleta says:

    Paris is so immature….lol, well karma bites you in the ass, and Paris will get hers. I really don’t know why she is so popular but she has fans why??? anyway Nick needs to stay out of the club scene anyway, it only leads to problems. Hopefully he will meet a nice normal girl and grow up and forget that scene. It produces creeps like Paris.

  5. SexandtheCity says:

    I like Paris and I don’t care much for Nick, but that seems trifling. With her money and looks, she should have more going on than tormenting Nick Carter.

  6. Cricky says:

    In the first place , why did Nick get a tatoo of a girl that had a sex video out showing what a unlady like person she really is and she seems to be very proud of it too. I also would like to know why her parents are allowing her to destroy the good name Hilton, anyway has any one watch the stocks on the Hilton empire too. Yeah, they will always have the money, but where is the pride in their children. It’s a disgrace that they let this happen. Nick you are strong don’t let that (can’t even call her a lady or anything to associate her to that so let’s leave it as poodle along with her hair styles she get) get too you. I hate to say this, but look at what your mother put you thru and she reminds me of the same things your mom did and is still doing. Embarrassing a good guy like you. You grew up in the spot light but don’t let it take you down you got class buddy, but let your mind think a bit instead the thing behind your zipper, dude. Nick there’s always a girl out there that wants to be with you because of the fame and lime lights. But, you know there’s always that one sweet girl that you dumped as a friend a long time ago. She was always there when you needed to talk. You even told her she inspired you to write more at one time. When you were having problems going to sleep you’d get a hold of her and you’d talk the night thru. She never left you as a friend, never asked anything from you. Did you forget that she still might be there, and don’t care about the fame, but cares about the real heart of Nick and that’s you deep inside. Go back and search your soul, for that one girl that was there. I bet if you tried, she’d be there. Well, Paris, leave the man alone. You have to find yourself too and get a life, that means stop destroying others along with your life too. My opinion I see you have no heart, just the desire to have attention, as you must not of gotten when you were a child. Wait you act like a child still. Nicks fans are and will always be behind him. They won’t allow you to do what you are doing. Well that’s all I got to say about this. Well, I would like to say more but I am a lady with class and won’t show what I want to say. Bye bye for now. Cricky

  7. Meggz75 says:

    Paris is pathetic. She is a perfect example of the statement, Money does not buy you class. I think the REAL loser is Paris. I am a firm believer in what goes around comes around, so I will just sit back and wait for Paris to get what she deserves. Right now, I am really just beyond words when it comes to her. I have lost all respect for her.

  8. JessieJess618 says:

    What amazes me about the whole deal is that it costs 200 clams to stay the night at one of Old Man Hilton’s hotels but only 10 dollars to get a b.j. from one of his daughters. If Paris really said that, she needs to check her mouth. People can say what they want about Nick and his reputation, anyone with a computer has VIDEO proof of hers. Before she goes calling names, she better be ready for people to talk junk about her.

  9. Smile says:

    Nick got that tattoo because he thought they were going to have a lasting relationship but she ruined it. I’m sure since the moment they broke up, Nick has been thinking about getting that tattoo taken off. And he will. But right now he’s busy touring and recording the finishing touches of the album. The tattoo probably isn’t the most important thing on his mind right now. There is a chance this might not be true. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it was. The only reason Paris gets attention is because of her sex tape and for being dumb and immature. In either case, like I’ve said before, I doubt Nick really cares. He’ll just go to other clubs. This is only going to bring out her true colors. Paris doesn’t have a “big heart” and she has no job. Nick does more charity in one month than she does in six months. I don’t understand how anyone can be a fan of hers.

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