Paris Hilton Tells Pals: Nick Carter Beat Me

The New York Post reports that after reunited with following their announced breakup to attend Amanda Demme’s weekly party at the Argyle Hotel, the star later lost his temper and beat Hilton, leaving the ugly marks on her face and arms. Friends say Hilton is “scared to death.” The pal added: “He has major anger-management issues . . . We have seen bruises on her before and asked her about them. She has always denied it – until now.” Carter’s lawyer, Marty Singer, fiercely denied Carter had anything to do with the bruises on Hilton, claiming Hilton is spreading rumors because she’s angry with the singer.

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11 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Tells Pals: Nick Carter Beat Me

  1. rock_star says:

    Honestly, I don’t think he did it. He’s never beat anybody else. Never even been accused of anything like this. I wonder if that Band aid thing on her ass is covering the tattoo of his name.

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    What a bunch of bull. Nick’s dated tons of girls and none of them have ever said anything. His sisters have never said anything and it always starts in the family. She was always up against him, pulling up to him, yet he beat her?

  3. TheAngryPrincess says:

    In MY opinion, if you’re husband/boyfriend/partner is beating you, you don’t flaunt the bruises; you cover up and hide it. …In all honesty, I doubt it. She a publicity machine and maybe it’s her way of getting the sympathy vote, y’know.

  4. popmaster167 says:

    They don’t look all that bad, I’ve seen worse. She could easily of done that tripping & falling etc. there’s a hundred different ways bruises like that can occur, unless its confirmed by someone other then the New York Post I’m not believing Paris has even made the accusation.

  5. hisnotlikethat says:

    He wouldn’t do that, nick really ain’t like that in fact when he was with Willa she used to get jealous and react by hitting him sometimes and he would never ever ever hit her back so he wouldn’t just Hit Paris! Also if someone like Nick had really done this to Paris any normal person would not wanna show it off to the world and have that kinda thing spread all over the papers and internet. And if he had really done that to her and she really was ‘that scared’ don’t you think she would have pressed charges! I mean I really liked Paris until now, now I think she is just pathetic Amy

  6. popmaster167 says:

    I’ve tried looking on google news & found no other news source confirming Paris is even making an accusation towards Carter, and unless this is reported from someone other then the New York Post I’m not believing Paris is even making the accusation. Those bruises could of been caused by any number of reasons, like tripping & falling, etc. etc. there’s no way from those bruises can anyone actually be certain she was even physically assaulted. You never know, she could of been trying to do some DIY or tried mountain climbing with high heels and had an accident, lol. Point is a lot of people are jumping to conclusions here, when all we have is some pics and one source.

  7. Hazel123 says:

    Anybody else NOT see the bruises until this article? Wouldn’t someone have made a fuss over Paris having a bruised lip or arm by now? Wouldn’t the media have had a field-day with this a long time ago if it was remotely true? And that patch? It’s the birth-control patch!!! It can go on your butt as well.

  8. galleta says:

    Who writes this crap lmao, Nick has never been known to beat anyone, especially a woman, and if he didn’t beat the hell out of that Willa girl ,who by the way deserved a good beating, there’s no way he would have hit Paris lol. Is the press so in need of stories they have to make up crap like this how sad. Next time at least they should make up crap that’s more believable.

  9. spotty says:

    I was watching entertainment tonight and they have several pictures of Paris. One of them showed obvious fingerprint marks that bruised one of her arms so it was definitely a person that caused the bruises. They also had pictures of Nick and Paris together the night before and Nick looked drunk. A lot of men that start beating girlfriends or wives don’t start till their in their 20’s or 30’s so it’s possible Nick did it and that it was his first time he ever hit someone. Paris might have really pissed him off. No excuse though IF it was him. That’s a big IF though. We don’t know for certain.

  10. averageanything says:

    This is stupid! Paris, get over it, you two are done! It’s so like her to start a ridiculous rumor like this. Nick would do nothing of the kind. He is a mommy’s boy for Christ’s sake! He cried when he got arrested, and cried when he got Punk’D! Come on! Do you really think that same guy would ever hit anybody, especially a girl?! Please, Paris is just trying to keep herself in the limelight since the relationship ended, and she has no more way of getting publicity.

  11. anonymus says:

    But as can be so bitch? She and all the garbage that goes with it are a bunch of shameless liars now Nick you deserve this for thinking more with what he has under his shorts to his head!.

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