Paris Hilton: The New Britney And Christina, But Better!

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Everybody knows Paris Hilton. She’s probably one of the most popular and talked about celebrities in the world, and one of the most famous. Not only that, but she’s also one of the most confident celebrities out there. She has fame, fortune, and has no shame. Unlike and who are always apologizing for their antics, and always act innocent one day and all dirty the next, Paris actually just takes her for who she is, and doesn’t ever apologize for it, or play a charade on her character.

I think people don’t give Paris enough credit. She deserves credit when it’s due. You have to give her props, for somebody who was born so rich and famous for being famous, she’s doing a pretty good job at earning her own wealth, and not just trying to hold onto her family’s bank account. She’s a model, fashion designer, actress, author, icon, socialite, TV show star, and will hopefully be an aspiring singer. Not only that, but she’s also genuinely a good person. No matter what people see of her in the tabloids, she’s really a sweet person, and for some reason people don’t realize that.

People are always saying that Britney is popular and famous, well, not as much. Britney has to do something stupid, like throw Cheetos or something at a camera, while Paris can just stand in the street and get just as much attention or even more than Britney herself. And as for Paris’s looks, she’s far more beautiful than Britney and Christina put together. Britney is fat, and Christina is anorexic. Britney is so fat that people can mistake her as a couch with a sack of potatoes in it. And Christina is so skinny that my dog can mistake her for a bone. And unlike Britney and Christina who always try to lose wait or gain weight to get attention, Paris is not afraid to just show off her curves and her nice figure. And on top of that, Paris is just more fun than both of them.

If you watch the Simple Life you should know that she’s really a funny person, and has a nice sense of humor. So you people that think Paris is a joke, look again, and harder! She’s going to one day be bigger than she is now, not for simply being an heiress, but for being a threat to both Britney and Christina once they’re both dumped in the trashcan of past fame.

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10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton: The New Britney And Christina, But Better!

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    If you want to discuss her as a pop star you couldn’t be further from reality. The only reason in the first place that she is famous is because of her family name and money. Nice try

  2. iloveChristinaAguilera says:

    I hope your kidding when you say that Christina is anorexic and Paris is not. LOL!!!!!! Anyway, Christina is NOT anorexic, unless your judging her by her past pictures (in all fairness, in some of those she does look anorexic). Anyway, X has NEVER been anorexic. She can’t help that she was born with a awesome figure. Another thing, Christina does NOT apologize 4 her being “dirrty.” Boy was this a good well needed laugh before I go off and take tests tomorrow!

  3. astrange1 says:

    At first I thought this was a gag and kept waiting for the punch line….but there wasn’t any. Paris Hilton is a worthless skank who fits perfectly in the tabloid mess that has become popular culture. She is one of those who in our reality-tv obsessed world is famous for being famous. There is no talent. Give her credit – for what? Acting like a total jackass on two coasts? Being an ignorant slut despite having advantages over everyone else? Ok, I’ll give her credit for ruining a lot of overinflated stars’ weekends by having her PDA hacked. But even that was not something she did actively. I guess with all the robber baron’s families marrying each other, this was bound to happen. After 10 generations of inbreeding, out pops Paris Hilton.

  4. Babar says:

    This essay is so wrong, I’ll have to write an equal length essay to correct it.’, ‘1) Paris is NOT more prettier than Christina and Britto. Christina happens to have that sizzling sensuality that Paris boasts of, in more amount then her. Infact the first time I saw Paris, I was like she is trying to look like Christina. When it comes to Paris VS. Britney, Britney can defeat her with her eyes shut. Dont look at paparazzi shots of nowadays. Britney is one of the most beautiful & sexy people in existence. 2) When it comes to attention, neither Britney nor Christina had to bend down so low as to release *** tapes for attention. Christina never denies what she is, Paris is just a copy cat. Britney denies everything and looks innocent despite of everything, that’s what is her ultimate weapon to seduce guys. Guys simply love her I’m innocent look and “Who said that? Me??” and “I didn’t do it” attitude. At the height of Paris Hilton’s controversy, when she had reached the peak of her career, she came second to Britney in “Most searched for” lists and sexiest lists. And Christina doesn’t even need to gain attention. She’s an artist not a publicity hog. 3) When it comes to talent and personality…. Do I need to write this? Christina is one of the most talented people in the industry, not only compared to Paris. Christina has reached a peak of talent that cannot be rivaled by many of her contemporaries except Alicia Keys. When Christina speaks she comes across as a highely talented woman and a star at their career peak. On the other hand Britney has a VERY strong personality. She has the most onstage presence known to humanity. She is an assertive, interesting and nice person too. Unlike Paris Hilton. Paris Hilton’s entire career can be described in the following way: Heiress Wealth > Good looks > TV actress > *** tapes > SuperStardom > More wealth > Interest generated> Cashing in on the 15 minutes of fame.

  5. trinione says:

    See the thing is… Both Britney and Christina worked to be famous… you know they have something called …Talent. Now your girl Paris… what is she famous for??… isn’t it funny that practically no-one can actually answer this q. it’s even more sadder that even some celebrities don’t know why and ask themselves the same question. Anyway obviously you live a sad life if Paris Hilton is yor idol.

  6. WaneInTheZone says:

    I absolutely adore Paris Hilton, she’s confident and extremely self-assured. I think that’s really hot, you can’t help but admire and envy her lifestyle. Paris Hilton has got it going on, and you catty females need to get the hell over your jealousy. In short, get over yourselves

  7. popfan_23 says:

    Excuse me? When has Christina ever apologized for being herself? Or acted innocent? Paris has no shame cause she doesn’t give a damn about anyone but Paris, and she’s not a fashion designer, Nikki is the designer, and Paris is not prettier than any one, she is a tall ass stick, straight up and down, and her face is far too strong and makes her look like a man, and looks anorexic. Nice sense of humor? She’s always doing mean things to people how is that nice? I think you need to take another look at Paris.

  8. wmars says:

    I like Paris but she’s no better than Xtina. She has no talent if it wasn’t for her grandfather she wouldn’t be rich. She has no talent. Her and Britney have them childish kiddy voices they sound like their in the 3rd grade.

  9. Starlet01 says:

    I think Paris is a desperate spoil brat. I guess it’s hard to be in a room full of her fellow blonde clones. Jessica Simpson is the only one that has a decent amount of talent. Paris Hilton is the last person to be calling someone “eww”. C’mon the girl is only famous because of her sex tape. In fact she knew about the publication of her sex tape because she had made an agreement to receive half the profits. Talk about ewwww! And as for the Paris & Nicole breakup. Paris is so jealous that Nicole is engaged & that she has an even hotter career without teaming up with Paris. Paris thinks she can carry on with the Simple Life show without Nicole, what a joke! Kim Stewart is as clueless as Paris. No one is going to watch Simple Life 4: Hawaii. Two rich snobby girls shopping, partying, causing trouble is nothing to be interested it. Nicole Richie made Simple Life a hit not Paris! You will all see that with SL4! ……………………………. I think this post of mind might of encouraged this weird person to write such a strange post.

  10. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Um, ok, I have never seen Christina apologize for anything, which is ok in some accounts, but not others. Point is, she is not ashamed of herself and she’s very confident, PLUS she has talent, so your argument is out of whack there…. Next…a genuinely good person? What kind of genuinely good person would allow for tabloids and other media to trash someone who really IS a genuinely good person…accusing them of doing something they did not do. She never had anyone lay a hand on her….yet she let the world believe she was battered and bruised!!! She’s a horrible dreadful person…. This article is ridiculous….she has no talent!!! She’s pathetic!

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