Paris Hilton Tries On Clothing At Lu Kun at Lu’s Shanghai Studio

tried on clothing by Chinese designer Lu Kun at Lu’s studio in Shanghai, China on Wednesday (November 21). The heiress is in Shanghai to attend the 2007 MTV Style Gala, held Friday at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Pictures at Photoshot have since been removed.

Impressed By Chinese Fashion

November 23, 2007 – ‘RTL Boulevard’ has footage of Paris’ press conference in Shanghai, China the other day, where the heiress said she was finding inspiration in the Chinese designs and fashions. “Being a designer, I always am inspired by places I have traveled, people I see, or things I see people wearing so definitely I’ve been inspired a lot with the Chinese fashion and I’ll definitely work it into my next line,” Hilton told reporters. The video clip at has since been removed. Check out additional footage of Paris in Shanghai from ITN below.

Pole Dances To ‘Stars Are Blind’ At Marquee

November 15, 2007 – Paris was spotted on Tuesday night (November 13) working the stripper pole at Marquee in New York City as the heiress’ single ‘Stars Are Blind’ blared at the XXX Party. After pole dancing, Hilton went to Bungalow 8, then a friend’s apartment before and ended the evening, or early morning, arriving back at her hotel at 7 AM. Footage from has since been removed.

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