Paris Hilton Won’t Make Allegations Against Nick Carter

The New York Daily News reports has told friends over the weekend in the Hamptons that, after consulting lawyers, she won’t make any abuse allegations against star Nick Carter. “She’s hoping the whole thing goes away,” a friend revealed. Another added, “The last thing she wants is to be dragged into court, where some lawyer may claim that she was into rough sex or something.” As for the explanation from Carter’s lawyer that the bruises came from an “S&M” shoot for Rolling Stone, a friend of Hilton’s said that the David LaChapelle shoot for the magazine was done on July 19th, and “there was nothing ‘S&M’ about it.”

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10 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Won’t Make Allegations Against Nick Carter

  1. popmaster167 says:

    Hey I really think Paris is faking the injury now, I’m starting to think she’s actually putting on make up or something to make out she has the bruises. The reason why I’m thinking this is becuase look at these; You can clearly see that she has no bruises whatsoever in these pics, on either her arms or her face and these were taken on 07.31.2004, on Saturday, the Saturday after the Wednesday night she was spotted with bruises. Its virtually impossible bruises like that would heal in that sort of time frame, I think she’s faking it, and that’s coming from a neutral person, I’m neither a fan of Nick nor Paris.

  2. milasmine says:

    I do not know hon…’, ‘Sometimes bruises take a day or two to really show up and then there may also be cover up when you do have them…I wound not putting anything past Paris, but her family would not have allowed her to do this and put Nick through what he has been through. It could be possible it did have something to do with rough sex, between Nick and herself or her and someone else…That may be a little embarrassing for those involved to reveal. It seemed to me they may have wanted to get back together and then something went really wrong…And I suppose if you are not a fan of Paris’ , the best thing that will come out of this, is that there is NO WAY of them getting back together after this

  3. galleta says:

    Yea right, just as I thought, little Paris did something that caused those bruises and she and her handlers and parents want to keep it hush hush. Now maybe Nick had a part in the situation maybe he didn’t, either way there is a hell of a lot more to this story than simply Nick hit her. Lets imagine that yea she doesn’t want another fiasco like what happened after the sex tape, so she’s avoiding court, but that’s crap, if a man beats you up no matter who he is you are gonna call the cops and haul his ass to jail. Paris is hiding something and obviously wants to drag Nick down if not why not fight back and go to court and stop him from ever hurting anyone else. WHY? cause she’s lying.

  4. galleta says:


  5. Pheobe says:

    Paris needs to press charges against that fat bastard. What kind of weak ass man beats on women. Her father should hire someone to beat the hell out of him, then he would know how it feels. Karma is a beautiful thing, he will pay 10 fold.

  6. popmaster167 says:

    If Nick did it, they would be going after his blood tooth and nail with no mercy, but I do now truly think she is faking it from what I’ve seen, I just cannot believe bruises like that disappear like that in a matter of 3-4 days, sorry I’m not buying it. If I’m right, and she is lying, its people like Paris that are a incredible insult to women who are genuinely being beaten & suffering. Its people like her (if she is faking it) that are why when women try to get help there accused of putting it on etc. and ignored and making a big deal over nothing. Its a disgusting thing to do to anyone if I’m right, and its even worse that she’s not saying anything and allowing rumors to float around. I can honestly see Paris just not saying anything and simply allowing a great big fat question mark over Nick’s head.

  7. Smile says:

    THIS DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. Paris walked around with those bruises in CLEAR view. She couldn’t have had less clothes on to show them off than she did. And she was walking around with yet another guy on her arm. If she wanted to keep this a secret, she would have covered them up. If she wanted the world to know about it, she would have told everyone who it was. Like I said before, it’s all publicity. She’s not pressing charges because Nick didn’t do it. It really couldn’t be anymore obvious. And would The New York Daily News please shut up. They have no proof, no facts, no reason, NOTHING. Why? Because for the 100th time HE DID NOT DO IT.

  8. JessieJess618 says:

    Paris should be ashamed of herself. There are battered people who honestly need help and she’s exploiting their suffering for her own little pity party. She’s also MUCH TOO VAIN to prance around all banged up. I say if you really want to hurt her, hit her ego. She’s already cost Nick his good image…now some people think he’s an abusive person. Come on people! He would smack someone for asking him about it rather than go cry in his car like a pansy if he’s really that aggressive!! The evidence doesn’t add up for me. I may be wrong, but damn…it’s just way too shady for me.

  9. greeneyedgurl says:

    This is just more of the same crap. we already knew she wouldn’t press charges against Nick. And Paris is supposed to come out and say he didn’t do it, although I hope she does it RIGHT NOW because she’s delaying it too much and the NY post should be sued for damaging Nick’s dignity and reputation for God sake. I know Nick is gonna come out clean of this, but as for now people is just talking too much, he didn’t do it and that hoe is ugh she gets on my nerves, she’s really enjoying this, Nick said I’m outta your game of publicity and now look how she reacted, she will end saying he didn’t hit her but meanwhile she’s letting everybody put Nick down.

  10. anonymus says:

    Do not understand how nobody gave a lesson to this good for nothing. But not born stupid and wrong is a fetus ….. Nick would have sued and having reached the end, the judge would have actual evidence of this fact that Nick was the real cause of the bruises, and if they were not just lying to get money, also teach the tests publicly ridiculed leaving against all the world, moron!.

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