Paris Hilton’s Ideal Date And Flirting Advice

offered ITN her guide to her perfect date while the heiress was in London. Hilton said an ideal setting would start out at a restaurant for dinner, followed by a movie, and ending up at a club to do some dancing. She said she’s a fan of Italian food, but also loves the Lebanese cuisine at London favorite Maroush.

As for what she’d generally talk about, Paris said sometimes a little politics, but mostly life and what’s going on.

Asked for some flirting advice, Hilton says, “I think it’s always good to look someone in the eye, do cute smiles, and bat your eyelashes. It’s just all about being girly and sweet.”

Watch the comments below.

Wants A Little Privacy Sometimes

January 24, 2009 – Paris spoke with Britain’s More! magazine, where the heiress admitted she’d like a break sometimes from the pesky paparazzi she often courts. “[Being famous] gets hard sometimes. You know, everyone in life needs and wants a little privacy – especially living in LA,” Hilton explained. “There are a lot of paparazzi that follow me from the moment I leave my house until I get home at night. So it’s invasive, but it’s also part of my job. I just try and not let it affect me.”

Wants To Be Angelina Jolie’s BFF

January 18, 2009 – Paris spoke with Fabulous magazine in a Q&A, where the ‘My New BFF’ star talked about the MTV show’s winner Brittany Flickinger being a constant companion. “I love her,” the heiress insisted. “She’s slept at my house every night for the last four weeks.” Asked what she loved about Brittany, the 27-year-old said, “I feel like I can talk to her about anything and she wouldn’t go and tell people. She has a really big heart, and she’s a tomboy.”

As for who her dream best friend would be, Hilton responded, “I love Angelina Jolie. She’s strong but gorgeous and uses her fame for good to make a big difference in the world. That’s a great quality. I’d have a lot in common with her.” Read more and check out pictures at

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