Paris Hilton’s Love Letters To Nick Carter

The New York Post has obtained several love letters from written to her then boyfriend of the Backstreet Boys. One card signed, “Paris, AKA Le Bean,” wishes Carter a happy birthday (which falls on Jan. 28), and states: “I don’t want you to ever worry because I would never [bleep] this up for anything in the world. It’s been really hard for me these past couple of months and I’m so happy I found you. You are the [bleep] and I love you to death.”

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8 thoughts on “Paris Hilton’s Love Letters To Nick Carter

  1. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    he’s the [bleep] all right. she sounds terrified! “i don’t want you to ever worry, I would never f**k this up?”. he must have been beating her then already.

  2. liya492 says:

    Nick is maybe trying to get some publicity since his career is soo over…….. or maybe he is trying to send a message to Paris.

  3. MirrorShards says:

    Exactly, I mean he needs the publicity right now, they’ve(Backstreet boys) got a new single and an album coming out , they need all the publicity they could get to put them back at the limelight I doubt those love letters would get any publicity though , its not explicit enough IMO

  4. MirrorShards says:

    I agree (msg)’, ‘I too thought that Paris Hilton would do this to herself, but I don’t think she could beat the sex video’s publicity with that, unless a sex video of her and Nick Carter “mysteriously” comes out..that’s the only thing I think could beat that..she should really ditch the reality shows and do porn movies instead, I mean, that’s what kick started her career , and its usually dirty old men who like her shes too proud to show that she actually liked him. I remember that interview where she was all like ” he was begging for me to date him, I didn’t want a BSB loser” or something to that effect

  5. JLOVER101 says:

    There actually is a sex tape of her and Nick and it’s being shopped around, and it did mysteriously appear. However, this one has not been bought for distribution because of the fact that it’s lacking something very important (Rick’s schlong). Paris’s skills in the bedroom are questionable (as you might already know) and I hear that so are Nick’s.

  6. Pheobe says:

    They have been over for months and Nick is still using Paris for publicity. That fat abusive bastard has no shame, he’s nothing but white trash. And Aaron is a carbon copy of his older brother, hopefully he won’t gain 300 pounds like Nick did.

  7. StPelagius says:

    I seriously doubt these letters were leaked by Carter-this is Paris’ MO, not his. Funny how this coincides with the premier of Simple Life 3-a show that is getting TERRIBLE reviews and needs help. What we do see in the letters is that Paris lied and hurt Carter VERY early in the relationship-she admits it. HE broke up with HER–guys that beat their “spouse” DON’T break up with them-they need their victim. I would bet my firstborn child now that Paris continued to be a jerk and that Carter broke up with Paris at the end too. Trust me, the Hiltons have had absolutely NO problem suing and prosecuting people that have crossed them. Do you REALLY for one minute think that if Carter had beat their precious daughter Paris, that they would not have thrown the book at him? The police admitted that they did not NEED the victims’ permission to prosecute suspected abuse, all they needed was “proof” of abuse. Even with pictures of SUPPOSED bruises-no charges were filed. That is because when Paris went to the Hamptons with her parents and her LAWYERS, the truth came out–and it must have been SO OBVIOUS that it wasn’t abuse, that it was dropped. And ultimately it didn’t matter-the damage was done.

  8. down_to_earth_girl says:

    Can you even hear yourselves? You are so sad… Why is it always Nicks fault? She “loved” him, let her. And I don’t think that he published the letters because he doesn’t care about her anymore. He is happy she is out of his life, so why should he bring her back in? Leave him alone. And stop saying he beat her, because Paris herself said that he didn’t. Get over it – that was 6month ago. Let them live their life how they want them to. And hey – you hate Nick? Why do you “waste” so much time on him? It’s a Nick Forum and you are still here. Jealous? I think so. He has so much more that you will never have. Say what you wanna say but he doesn’t care at all. He doesn’t read posts like that.

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