Paris Hilton’s Mom & Publicist At Dan Tana’s

Henry Trappler of caught up with Paris Hilton’s mother Kathy and publicist Elliot Mintz at Dan Tana’s on Thursday (June 7) in West Hollywood. Henry writes, “I asked the lovely Kathy how her daughter is doing. She said she saw her for a little while. I inquired of Kathy if Paris told her about her ordeal in prison. Kathy said Paris told her it was ‘Scary… we were just happy to see each other.’ I wanted to know about the first thing she did upon arriving back home. Kathy said Paris sat on the couch, they hugged each other, talked and played with the dogs. Her terrific spokesman and good friend Mr Mintz, stated: ‘The message is that Paris has the constant, loving support of her parents. This is a family that stays together, loves each other and supports each other.’ Mrs Hilton added: ‘It is in God’s hands.’ I told them that people want to know the reason why Paris was released from prison. Mr. Mintz said that they are not able to discuss the case in any context at all, but to wish good thoughts for Paris. Kathy stated: ‘She didn’t release herself, that I can say.’ I told Mrs Hilton that we send Paris our love and best wishes, that she is a wonderful person and she is very lucky to have a great family to support her. She thanked me. Mr Mintz told me: ‘Paris is fortunate to have such loving and supportive parents, who are with her at such a difficult time. We should all have that. That to me is everything. Mr and Mrs Hilton – Rick and Kathy, are really special people and so is Paris.'” has since removed the video.

Thought She Was Having Heart Attack In Jail

June 9, 2007 – Sources tell ‘Extra’ that late Wednesday night, Paris went into a panic in jail. The heiress suddenly had shortness of breath and convinced herself that she was having a heart attack. A video report at has since been removed.

Dog & Beth Chapman Blast Paris Hilton’s Excessive Punishment

June 9, 2007 – ‘Dog the Bounty Hunter’ star Dog Chapman tells TMZ that he gave serious thought to making a very unusual plea to the judge in Paris’ case after hearing of the 45-day sentence. “I was going to offer to do the 45 days for her,” he says. “And if anyone hates jail, my brother, it’s Dog Chapman.” Dog’s wife Beth added, “That L.A. City Attorney [Rocky Delgadillo] is a joke. Three days in isolation for a person like Paris is more than enough. What you can’t do is waste taxpayer money so a bunch of people can get their rocks off.” Read more.

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