Paris Hilton Shares Angry Phone Message From Lindsay Lohan

The New York Daily News hears from a source that Paris Hilton played pals in Cannes a voice message from an angry Lindsay Lohan – and called Lohan the C-word. Paris’ rep responded, “I’ve never heard her use that word.” Lindsay admits she’s “mad” at Paris and her pal Brandon Davis, who launched an expletive filled attack on the actress last week.

Paris Hilton Uses The ‘C’ Word Talking About Lindsay Lohan

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Tuesday night, “This is weird. A little celebrity dish for you. The other day while talking about Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton was overheard using the ‘c’ word. [Audience boos] Yeah. Yeah, Paris’ exact quote was, ‘Lindsay Lohan has a career’.”

Look Out Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Is Heading To Cannes

The Mirror reports Lindsay Lohan will be rolling into Cannes for the premiere of her “friend” Brett Ratner’s new film ‘X-Men: The Last Stand’, but rival Paris Hilton, already in town, will be staying away on a family friend’s mega yacht. A spy says Hilton was in top diva form over the weekend. “Her bodyguards cleared the Baoli club loos on Saturday for 15 minutes so she could go in private,” the insider revealed.

Howard Stern And Crew Blast Paris & Brandon For Smearing Lindsay

When Howard Stern and his cohorts got a look at Brandon Davis Thursday morning hating on Lindsay Lohan, they all agreed: “He’s a big, fat, tubby piece of sh**.” Stern said, “It’s just evil. Just pure evil coming out of this guy’s mouth.”

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2 thoughts on “Paris Hilton Shares Angry Phone Message From Lindsay Lohan

  1. EdwardAlex says:

    this just shows you how trashy you are when howard stern is ripping into you for morals… brandon davis is a fat sh*t with no class and Paris is a 2$ whore with no talent

  2. amelita says:

    that’s a fake story, because, Paris Hilton is a very good friend of Paris. but, I believe, Paris is such a slut, there’s not much difference between her and Lindsay flirt! they both easy to get, who flirt with boys/men first, ekk, sluts. Paris and Lindsay suck forever, true!

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