Parlophone Not Short Of Singles With Lily Allen’s New Album

Parlophone president Miles Leonard tells MusicWeek he’s confident that Lily Allen’s new album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ is a release that can connect on a broad level. “She has delivered an album that will put her back into the musical sphere where she needs to be,” Leonard said. “We are not short of singles, that’s for sure. The challenge is more which order the singles come in. Lily has a very unique talent: she has a way of combining very strong melodies with edgy sensibility and I think all the great artists can do that.”

Leonard added that fans shouldn’t expect a rerun of her debut effort ‘Alright, Still’. “She really wanted the new album to be a progression and didn’t want to make an album with a cast of thousands,” Leonard revealed, “she wanted to make a consistent album, and so working with Greg really enabled her to do that.” Read more.

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