Pat Kordyback On The Importance Of Music Education

Pat Kordyback of Stereos shows off his collection of arm tattoos in a New York Knicks jersey

Pat Kordyback of recorded a public service announcement for MusiCounts, which advocates getting music education back in the classroom.

“I took music class when I was in junior high, and I went into it not really knowing anything about how to read music or anything,” the lead vocalist of the Canadian pop rock band explained. “I picked up a trumpet and I was so bad at it and I was really embarrassed. My teacher at the time, Mr. Bole, was a really nice guy and he got me on a different instrument, the clarinet actually, and it just became a lot more fun for me because I could actually play that. People stopped making fun of me in band class, so I think music education is important because it keeps those teachers helping kids out.”

Watch the message via YouTube below.

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