Patrick Wolf Announces Special Concert At London Palladium

has announced a concert at the London Palladium on November 15th, where he will perform the songs from ‘The Bachelor’ and previous albums as they were originally intended to be heard – with a live string section, gospel choir and some special guests, which will be announced over the forthcoming weeks.

The singer songwriter explained that running into Whoopi Goldberg helped him decide on the venue location. “I was in New York at a photo shoot, still undecided about which venue to play my ultimate fantasy show for this album,” Wolf said. “It was between The London Palladium and The Theatre Royal, so I sit down for a burrito in the studio cafe and from behind me in walks Whoopi Goldberg and gives me a hug! Seeing as the Palladium was the chosen venue for her latest ‘Sister Act’, I thought it pretty obvious what the stars were telling me. The Palladium is the perfect venue to debut ‘The Bachelor’ with string section and gospel choir, to hear the songs in their original arrangements live. This will also be a moment for me to document my work from the last three albums and bring a third dimension to ‘The Bachelor’ live, sonically and visually. So, be prepared for a dark, magic trooper show with special guests and duettists, costume changes and all for one night only.”

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