Patrick Wolf Excited To Get Back On The Road

With set to release his fourth album ‘Battle’ later this year, the London pop singer is heading out for a handful of dates in March where he will preview new tracks along with past classics. A full UK tour will follow in May. Patrick stated:

After taking a break from touring last year, I am excited to be back onstage to perform my new album, ‘Battle’. While recording throughout 2008 I did a few unadvertised personal shows that helped me remember my passion for performance after 13 years of curtain calls and spotlights. The tour is starting in England and will see me and my band revisit Russia, Japan, Australia and the USA over a period of two years. I’m so very excited to get back on the open road and onstage where I belong. These dates are just the first few warm ups to what will be a long and wonderful journey. I am planning to present a whole new bigger production and vision to what I have delivered in the past… So be prepared for many surprises and new arrangements of the best from the last three albums… See you there… Back to rehearsals now…

The entire post has since been removed.

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