Patrick Wolf Offers Fans A Chance To Invest In His 4th Album

’s “team” updated fans on his blog at MySpace (@officialpatrickwolf) on his bid to fund his fourth album via, which allows fans to invest in artists and share half the album’s revenue for 5 years after its release. The team writes:

Hey there,

First up, a big ta to everyone who has bought a Bandstock. We’re really pleased with how they have gone so far. But don’t let that stop you buying more, or telling your friends, because the quicker we sell out, the sooner we’ll be able to get the album out. And the more stocks you hold, the greater your privileges, and access to the special offers. Everyone, also please note, assuming Patrick’s forthcoming masterpiece matches the sales of ‘Magic Position’, every investor will get their money back, if not make a few quid on top. So just head over here bandstocks and stock up (sorry, couldn’t resist).

We’ve been reading the forum, and the comments and messages posted here, and we’re working on solutions to the two most common queries: namely, is it not possible for people outside the UK to buy stocks? And how do we buy them as gifts for people?

Well, we have found solutions to both and will be making announcements here over the next few days, as well as giving you a few more details about the special privileges that will be made available to Battlestock holders.

Sorry if this sounds like a tease, but we don’t want to promise things we can’t deliver.


Team Wolf x

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