Patrick Wolf On The Sorry State Of The Album Biz

was inspired by Lily Allen’s blog at about the troubling condition of the music industry to write about the subject himself on his blog at MySpace. The English singer-songwriter, who financed his last album by selling equity in the project at the Bandstocks website, told readers:

When my first album came out.. there was a whisper or jokes, but alot of speculation about what might happen in the future, what with file sharing and this new thing called myspace… I fast forward to 2009 and the only income any artist will see now is by doing live performances, I have friends who have been to number one for weeks on end and seen no profit due to marketing. Most major labels are in more debt than you can ever imagine. And its not very funny as all these people who work there (and there are many, many, many) are people with jobs who went to school like you and I did and wanted to work and earn a living. I still don’t understand how spotify is meant to make up for this, I don’t know anyone who has actually bought an account. When theres no money coming in.. then no body gets paid… then no one can pay their bills and then you are homeless…. its very hard for everyone right now in the current economic climate and I have total sympathy with all of you, but im making a plea on behalf of all the fantastic musicians and people within this fabulous industry which was built at the end of the day, not to make money off you but to inspire you… what is life without music??

The entire message at has since been removed.

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