Patrick Wolf Parts Ways With Universal Music

updated fans on his blog at MySpace on Wednesday (November 10), revealing progress on his follow-up to 2007’s ‘The Magic Position’, and that he’s parted ways with Universal Music. The British indie pop artist tells readers:

Wow… it’s really been a scary age since my last blog, huh? I’ve been undergoing a lot of changes behind the scenes over the last few months while finishing the album. I started writing up some of the credits recently, and for a record that I had planned to make totally within one studio, and to try to sit still for a whole year, me and these new songs have really experienced a lot of drama and traveling along the way. Which is why this final mixing process is almost ten times more cathartic than the actual songwriting process. I’m feeling lighter by the day as each track is put “to bed”.

I’ve holed myself up in Yorkshire in a place called Castleford, no distractions here apart from repeats of Jeremy Kyle and the amazing local 6 year old pop-star-in-the making little Danielle Ling who plays a Hannah Montana keyboard down at the local Chinese takeaway… Kate Bush, I have found your successor! (YouTube clips to follow soon)

Ok, so I mentioned “behind the scenes”, and it’s really time to tell you a bit of the story. Basically, this album was not and never could have been the sequel to Magic Position. I don’t work like that. I tend to finish one creative rhythm then move onto another with each album. Thus, Battle was not the album that my last label wanted me to be making; I guess I’m not family friendly or conservative enough to play that game, and I am getting a bit more fearless as I grow older. Not really been one to compromise with businessmen in my life, so I thought why should I start now when I’m at my most self confident and passionate about the sound of music that I want to create and explore? So, Universal and I decided to part ways. So with album 4… I’m back in the free world of Independent Music

The entire post has since been removed by Patrick.

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