Patrick Wolf Reflects

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Thursday (February 12), talking about music, his future, moving to another house, concert dates, and a March release for ‘Vulture’, the first song on his new album ‘The Bachelor’. The London singer songwriter tells readers:

Today is a day when all the work I have done has given me a perspective on my future and all the things I’ve fought for at last seem worth all the fighting. Maybe this is planetary or caused by the sun or just BANG that feeling that my album is finished, totally, excitingly, yes 13 year old Patrick, in 12 years time you will have made four albums from the bottom of your heart and you didn’t get diluted or compromised along the way, bingo. You aren’t the gutter tramp, hooker or failure those kids promised you would be. I’m watching my lovely man sleeping in the bed next to my studio.. so peaceful and handsome… all lovers should watch their partners sleeping more often… It’s not creepy, It’s romantic, I think even snoring can be charming when the noise is made by right person. Sorry I digress.. but I haven’t done a proper writing blog for a while.

The entire post has since been removed.

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