Patrick Wolf Thankful About ‘The Bachelor’ Midweek Sales

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace on Tuesday (June 2), thanking them after learning his just released fourth album ‘The Bachelor’, financed via The British singer songwriter tells readers:

My album has gone top 40 in the midweek charts…

I am so happy, so thankful to of all of you who invested and supported me on this journey…. we (and a hundreds of superstars who invested their money in the album at bandstocks) would absolutely love and love you forever if the record stayed in charts.

Beg steal and borrow yourselves to buy a copy because it means, not only do you get the full High Quality Hi-Fidelity non Mp3Bass-lessCrap that you hear when you download things from file sharing sites etc… You also get to read about all the instrumentation and personal notes and see the artwork shot up on Blackdown in West Sussex by legendary photographers Nick and Warren Du Preez. There is a digital booklet available at The iTunes shop as well. If you buy the album this week then it means it charts and stays on the shelves and keeps people listening that may not have heard before and gives me and my label and my hard working massive DIY team a bit of reward from all the hard work just to see ‘The Bachelor’ mingle amongst the masses…..

The entire message at has since been removed.

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