Patti LaBelle Comments On ‘Lady Marmalade’ Cover

Patti LaBelle spoke with Las Vegas Weekly about , Lil’ Kim, and Mya performing her hit, ‘Lady Marmalade’, from the ‘Moulin Rouge’ soundtrack. “When the song came out for ‘Moulin Rogue’ people wanted to know what I thought about it, thinking that I was going to be a catty heifer and say I hated it, she tells Richard Abowitz. “I loved the way they did it.” In fact, a couple of years ago, LaBelle joined Aguilera and company to perform the song at the Grammy Awards. Patti stole the show. “I had my 15 seconds of fame, but I worked that little 15 seconds, because I felt so proud that these little kids are doing my song. What a compliment.”

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