Paul Marazzi Quits A1, Bandmates ‘Heartbroken’

Mark Read, Ben Adams, Christian Ingebrigtsen and Paul Marazzi of a1

BBC Newsround reports A1 star Paul Marazzi has quit the band. Paul said, “After a lot of thought and deliberation I have made the difficult choice to leave the band due to personal reasons. I have had a brilliant five years with A1 and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has been part of the whole A1 experience, everyone at Sony, but most of all our amazing fans. I would like to wish Christian, Ben and Mark all the best of luck in the future.” Read more.

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38 thoughts on “Paul Marazzi Quits A1, Bandmates ‘Heartbroken’

  1. Faye says:

    They really must have been devastated. I mean, the fans were bad, I wonder how bad they must have been! I miss them so much but I hope the performance in London goes well tonight, and hopefully, they will get back together :)

  2. Chubby says:

    It was a shocking news for me that Paul Marazzi quit the band…I love their songs very much… but I guess its really over…Go on guys, good luck…I’ll miss you Paul…

  3. jheiyem says:

    I love you Paul.. you’re so cute especially you’re voice! I love it!
    hmm..take care! I’m #1 fan of a1 before til’ now..

  4. clarizza says:

    I am
    biggest fan of
    you I hope that you’ll
    always ok….

    I miss you Paul….

  5. clare says:

    I love you, Paul…

    I miss you
    especially your
    cute face and your cute voice,,,…

    take care of yourself always,,….

  6. SinClaire says:

    I love Paul….he’s so handsome…..gosh……. I love you Paul……….. I’m crying now because of Paul..he left the band…..he is only one that I love in the band….no other…..

    I hope the band will get back together….please………………my dream is …the band will arose again and shines………….

    Make us shock ……if Paul Marazzi will get back to the band……T_T

  7. ayessa says:

    hi Paul I miss you so much..

    your so handsome,cute especially your voice is beautiful…

    Paul take you

  8. clarizza says:

    ,,”+*+-Paul,,many of your fan want to get back the a1 band again,,”+*+-

    ,,”+*+-we miss you so much,,”+*+-

    ,’+*+-hope you n a1 band will back,,”+*+-

    ,,”+*+*+-OH REALLY LOVE YOU,,”+*+*=-
    ,,,”’++**++_-PAUL MARAZZI,,,”’++**++_-


  9. HASHIMA says:

    OH….. you know what,I’m your #1 fan ,,, I really,really want you to get back in the band a1, not only for me but to all of your fans….please
    I really,really missed you…… l love you so much….. if you are “brokenhearted” I’m waiting for you…. I really,really like your cute,cute face and your sweet,sweet voice…… can you be my chat mate? just regards me to mark,Ben, and Christian….

  10. Donna Mae says:

    hi Paul…
    i really like the way you sing all your song..
    until now I always play and listen your song…,,,
    we love you Paul..hope you are okay now..don’t forget we still here to support you even though you are not part of a1…we love you Paul and we miss you so much.. Take care always I hope you read this one!!!

  11. eva says:

    I miss you Paul. Your amazing voice and handsome face<3 I love all the songs I hear your voice in.

    Love you much

  12. jean says:

    all I can say is
    I miss you
    and I love you

  13. jean says:

    please come back Paul. . . . .

  14. jean says:

    the band is good but much better if you come back

  15. florevic says:

    hi….. miss you….. idol….

  16. paulina says:

    don’t leave in a1 because I’m your supporter I love you Paul

  17. cypress says:

    please come back!!! you are the important member I love you Paul for being a crush……:)

  18. Elise Jackson-Cockitt says:

    Hi Paul I am Elise you remember me I’m your x girlfriends sister Ashley Cockitt Dylon

  19. Elise Jackson-Cockitt says:

    My sister is moving to Australia I will miss her so much but things have to be done!!!

  20. Elise Jackson-Cockitt says:

    you should get back together with the a1 band I love the take on me song I know all your words:so things that you say yeah little life for just to play your worries away through all the things I’ve got to remember shine away I’ll be coming for you home and away!!!! told you so.

  21. Elise Jackson-Cockitt says:

    take on me take me on take on me I’ll be gone in take by too!!!

  22. Sean says:

    Paul I missed you so much, idol!

  23. Simple Joy says:

    I am glad A1 is back..though Paul quit the band, I do believe it was hard for him to decide to quit..Filipino fans will still support a1.. :-) hope they will continue making good songs ..songs which really comes from their hearts..:-)we all love you and God Bless..

  24. CUTIEcarms says:

    Paul is very handsome… I really miss your face, especially your voice… Hope you come back.. I’m here always continuously supporting you… I miss you so much PAUL!!!!!

  25. CUTIEcarms says:

    Miss you so much IDOL…
    ——– Better you come back!!!!!!

  26. danah says:

    hi Paul,. I’m a1’s biggest fan ever,.I’m glad that A1 is back! but it would be better if you can join, hoping that you can be part of A1 again.I love you Paul! I love A1!!!!

  27. jessica baldoza says:

    I wish they performed all together,……….
    please, I don’t leave this band forever……………..

  28. jessica says:

    I wish that you are performed all together here in Philippines because many Filipino loves you
    and I miss you Paul so much
    ‘i can’t sleep
    I can’t leave without you
    by my side
    …getting from the lyrics of your other songs
    one more try…………

  29. mhean says:

    i love you Paul.. you’re so cute especially you’re voice! you’re face I love it!
    hmm..take care! I’m #1 fan of a1 before til’ now..

    from Phil..and someday I wish we meet you personal and I want here your cute voice… and please Paul sing your own compose the title is “rip my heart out” and “if could be king”

  30. joana madriaga says:

    I am very sad because Paul is leaving a1

  31. Juliefe says:

    ..Your voice is really nice . I really like your band song . And your looks handsome your songs is very inspirational that really inspire me love you good luck ……

  32. Angelimie (anjhie) says:

    I miss A1 boyband
    I hope you will be together again
    most of all to Paul: your true age is not see in your face because your very handsome as your voice!!! And i hope you’ll have a concert again here in the Philippines and i want all of you will be together again because I LOVE A1 and I’M ALWAYS BE YOUR FAN FOREVER!!

  33. khrish says:

    hey paul. What they’re saying is all true about your face and your voice..well, I do too love your eyes and your incredible voice.. You’re my fantasy though I know I only get to meet you in my dreams.. I like the songs you sing starring you as ‘Blue Eyed Soul’. I wish you all the success and all the best.. God bless you!

  34. KRIZ says:


  35. dyna quijano says:

    i miss you so mch paul. please come back! :( i really really missed you a lot especially ur voice i love it so mch. i love you paul :(

  36. marinelle rayela says:

    i miss you so much mr.24 (paul)..
    please..come back in a1..
    you’re my everything..
    i love you so much Paul.!

  37. adelle gaamil says:

    hai Paul …I Miss You So Much :'(
    I Miss Your Beautiful Voice and Your Cute Smiling Face …

    I wish that someday a1 will performed together ..
    take care always kuya Paul I will always love you <3
    muahhhhh ……

  38. Chris Danielle Cruz says:

    Hi Paul,
    I’m so glad to be one of your fans..
    I love a1 and you..
    Even I’m only a young girl,and even I didn’t went in any of your concerts,I’m still your fan..
    I’m a part of a new generation but I really love the a1 even you..
    It’s too hard to hear that you’d quit,but I hope that you and your former-bandmates were still friends..
    I believe that your friendship with them will never die inside of you..
    But I hope that the memories you had with them will always be with you..
    Paul,be always happy………… :)
    Nan-kuru-nai-sah (I will always love you)…

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