Paula Abdul At The Airport

was spotted at the airport, where she talked about the ‘American Idol’ fundraiser, what she thinks about Sanjaya Malakar, and the ‘Idol’ Elvis and Celine Dion performance. She then posted with some Elvis impersonators also at the airport. Watch footage from X17 below.

Paula Abdul At Mr. Chow

April 20, 2007 – Paula Abdul was spotted outside Mr. Chow on Wednesday night (April 18), where the ‘American Idol’ judge was asked about Sanjaya Malakar getting the boot earlier in the evening. “Oh he’ll be fine,” Abdul said. The former pop star added that after Sanjaya’s exit, “The competition’s gonna start getting heavy.”

Why Paula Abdul Was Missing At The Start Of Wednesday’s ‘Idol’

March 9, 2007 – spoke with Paula Abdul’s rep Jeff Ballard to find out why the ‘American Idol’ judge was missing when Wednesday night’s show began. “Paula was not late to the show last night. She had been there for over an hour getting ready (hair/makeup),” Ballard explained. “They were backstage adjusting her microphone pack. She was going to wear a jacket and then decided not to, therefore they had to readjust (replace) her mic pack. That’s all there is to it.”

The full story at has since been removed.

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