Paula Abdul Performing On ‘American Idol’ This Week

just posted this interesting bit of news on her Twitter (@lucywoodward):

Singing backup for on this Wednesday. Rehearsing now….reeeeeally fun! Will be hot.

Maybe she wasn’t supposed to blab, because even Paula’s Twitter (@PaulaAbdul) only mentions “big news”:

Back in the studio again today. Get ready for an exciting week. Big news to come! Stay tuned….

In the studio with my music producer listening to some tracks… Getting excited about this weeks theme… Rock Week!! Yay :)

Update: Since Daughtry and Slash are performing this week, there’s a thought that Paula will be taping the performance to air in a week or two. That would also give Paula a chance to do the performance in multiple takes, which would probably be wise given her prior pull-outs of scheduled live comeback performances.

Update II: DishofSalt writes on Twitter (@DishofSalt): “finally got Paula. Can’t reveal what we talked about til Wed.”

Paula Abdul Says Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ Will Be Magical

April 28, 2009 – Paula Abdul updated fans on her Twitter page (@PaulaAbdul) moments ago from the set of ‘American Idol’, where the top five will be competing in a big band themed week. Abdul writes:

Tonight’s mentor is Jamie Foxx – by far one of the best mentors the kids have ever had!!!!

I’m watching the rehearsals now… tonight’s going to be magical! Can’t wait!!!!

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5 thoughts on “Paula Abdul Performing On ‘American Idol’ This Week

  1. cool says:

    What??? Cool! Go Paula. As long as she is ready for this, but I assume she is.

  2. Amy says:

    I expected Paula to do something for the final (maybe choreography) because she’s been throwing hints left and right… but not this week already. wow. now I’m excited (and a bit nervous, you know the media is gonna scrutinize her every move, like they always do with her)

  3. lol says:

    hope she rocks .

  4. Jo says:

    That’s so cool! I can’t wait!

  5. LesTer. says:

    Paula, it’s your time again! The time has come for you to shine more than you ever have. You are the Queen of Pop-Funk, choreography, video, pop-locks and thrust dance moves, chica! MIAMI LOVES YOU!!!! This Cuban American man, who met you during the Boost Miami Tour in 1997, loves you then, now still and always..
    Paula Abdul, it’s your time. TAKE IT! Steal it! The show is going on again, baby, and you are going to rule the dancefloor. TAKE OUR BREATH AWAY like only you can. Make us scream our heads off, give us the tingles and make us cry some, too… because that is the love we’ve always had for you.
    You’re FOREVER OUR GIRL, P!!!

    Come to Miami and visit me, It’s been 11 years since I met you during the Boost Tour and I’m so grateful for the time you gave me when we simply talked about videos and took pictures and…. that’s priceless.

    Love ya, P!

    LesTer. <finally—- you know It was inevitable for me.. ;)

    Te quiero mucho, mi amiga!

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